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Launch an Uber Clone - Most Effective App like Uber

The growth of new trends in the ride-hailing industry is attracting many entrepreneurs and business owners. If you are one of them, own a traditional taxi business, and are planning to reform, our on-demand Uber app clone development company will meet your needs. Years ago, it was never an investment in a taxi, but today you can get your app up and running within 48 hours with this ready-to-use Uber app. Yes, this is an excellent interactive Uber Clone app with amazing features created in just 48 hours. It comes with a reliable user app as well as an efficient driver app and a control panel for hassle-free management. All packages send business dreams. Learn more about this interesting feature and start your own business.


Why use our Uber Clone

Get a Demo right away with the best white label Uber clone scripts. You can avoid the cost of building a native ride-booking app like Uber.

  • A ready solution with high scalability
  • Full customization and branding
  • Can easily accommodate a large number of user activities simultaneously.
  • Built by a talented team of web and app developers
  • Dedicated admin panel to manage all the features of the app
  • Ready for implementation and deployment
  • Available for both Android and iOS.
  • Ready for implementation and deployment

Scope of online taxi booking service in the near future

When we look at the technology landscape through our eyes, we realize how different things were 10 years ago. Notably, the launches of Uber and Ola accelerated the mobility revolution in the country.

Surprisingly, these online taxi booking giants managed to survive, although everything changed with the emergence of virus crises. Now the ride-hailing business is back! Online taxi booking providers have managed to maintain their positions in the online industry.

Thus, many aspiring businessmen are now encouraged to be a part of this lucrative industry. This is certainly a positive sign for the growth of this industry in the coming years and has a purpose other than profit.

Benefits of our Uber Clone

Reach a new level in delivering taxi services with personalized features


Simple Login/Signup

Our Uber Clone has a simple login &signup for all its users and they can register themselves via Google, Mobile Number, Facebook, or Apple ID.


Instant Notifications

Instant notification will be sent to both driver & rider instantly with our Uber Clone. Moreover, the drivers are verified using the verification code with their phone number.


Live Tracking

Uber Clone has live tracking of drivers and passengers. Drivers can easily trace their route from their pick-up to drop point. Drivers can monitor every move of the driver.


Multiple Payment

Uber Clone allows its riders to pay comfortably out of their choice. PayPal, Wallet & Cash are the options in payment for riders.


Promotional Code

Uber Clone has the ability to generate code in the admin panel. Riders can use a promo code or gift code for a ride and the amount will be deducted from the ride total.


Peak Time Pricing/Surge Pricing

The administrator can pre-select the previous peak time and charge the maximum amount during the journey with reasonable cause. This feature also has a big impact on driver benefits.


SMS Gateway

Uber Clone used an SMS gateway where the admins can ensure security by verifying drivers and user mobile numbers when logging in. It can also be used to send SMS.


Corona Safety Features

To avoid this pandemic and stay safe, there will be alerts for asymptomatic symptoms. This avoids uncertain situations.

Development process of Uber Clone

As we focus on providing reliable solutions, we follow some development procedures that will help you create your uber app, unlike other processes.


A complete analysis of your need will be done in the first phase to find out your ideas to create a prototype.


Based on your shared idea, a plan for further refinement will be developed and discussed.


All configuration, installation, and integration of features are done during the development process.


The developed structures will be tested on several platforms to investigate their effectiveness and functionality.


After full testing and optimization of the program, it is released for final deployment in the market!

Pre-eminent Features of our Uber Clone

Become the next-generation taxi startup with our suite of premium features. Our Uber clone software has specific features for Rider, Driver, and admin too.

Easy Boarding & Registration
Fastest way to book cabs
Ride Scheduling
Live Tracking
Fare Estimates
Driver Rating & Review
Multiple Payment options
SOS button
Easy Registration
Instant Alert for a Ride request
Faster document uploads and processing
Earning History
Real-time tracked record
SOS contacts
Timing management for users
Vehicle choice
Management of Riders - You can manage riders and access their data to regulate legitimate users on the platform
Geo-Fencing - To determine the area in which our on-demand taxi business may operate, we may mark the area on a map integrated into the Platform.
Manual dispatch - You can use the admin panel to book trips yourself or on behalf of travelers. This feature encourages a wider audience to use the platform.
Manage Sub-admins - You can delegate responsibilities to subordinate administrators by assigning roles and granting privileges using an admin panel.
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Experince it by yourself. Build App like Uber

Revenue Model

The income you make in any business is the value you create. Here are some productive revenue factors obtained in our Uber Clone software.


Commission Charges

Get a percentage of the total amount paid by riders for each trip as this will be the main income of your business.


Ride Cancellation

Charge customers for any canceled trips and which will help you to increase the revenue of your business.


Paid Features

Introduce some premium features to access customers only after payment of the subscription fee


Surge Prices

Charge extra for on-demand services booked at peak times or locations where you are in high demand.

What do we offer with our Uber Clone?

We offer a ready-made Uber Clone app that you can customize to suit your business needs. We promise to bring you an Uber-like app that delivers an unparalleled experience with intuitive, responsive dashboards to keep you at peak performance.

Our comprehensive white-label Uber clone solution consists of three modules
  • Rider App
  • Driver App
  • Admin Panel
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Wanna start your own online taxi business? Get a Demo today with our ready-made Uber Clone.

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Technologies used to build our Uber Clone

Governing technologies that we used to make our Uber Clone a world-class software

Angular JS

Why choose us for Uber Clone development?

We look forward to helping you with our solution! Are you ready to develop apps like Uber? Get Connected with our Team

  • 100% customizable
  • Android and iOS mobile apps for both driver and rider
  • Scalable and Clean design
  • Get your app up and running in no time
  • Security
  • Exclusive app for your brand
  • Ductile Solution
  • 24*7 Support

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


The taxi business has a sustainable revenue model and operates with less ownership compared to other ventures.

Yes, Of course. Our Uber clone adapts itself to small, medium, and large size taxi companies. Uber clone needs the least guidance to work on. It is a ready-to-use software suitable for all kinds of taxi services. To keep the software user-friendly and affordable was one of our prime objectives.

Just simple. Describe your requirements regarding our business need to our representative and get to know the payment details along with it. Once you are satisfied, you can proceed with us.

Everything is special about it. The predominant features integrated with it make it on par with the uber app, the customization options it offers you, and the wholesome package it brings you.

We basically have a team of efficient and dedicated professionals who make sure that quality is not compromised with our product. Our quality assurance (QA) team makes sure that There are no Glitches or chances of malfunctions in the App that is going to be built.

We are here to create your dream business apps based on your requirements. Therefore, as a professional company, we will never recommend/suggest your ideas to others. Of course, it will be kept secret.

The one-word answer is YES. You get to integrate every feature like the real app with your unique touch.

In the past, I have worked with many non-tech clients to help them through the app development process. You can share your ideas and suggestions or ask a question to our support team. Our support team will suggest and guide you on the best way to achieve optimal results.

Yes, as mentioned above, this taxi booking app is a complete clone of Uber, so whatever functions, including modes of payments, that are available in Uber, are also available in this app.

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