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Equip transactions with confidence and efficiency by building financial service infrastructure and processes with Clarisco Solution. We offer you the latest solutions designed to meet your blockchain needs - be it digital insurance provider or open banking system development.


Blockchain for finance

Thanks to the capabilities of blockchain technology, the global financial economy is changing. The most widely distributed system provided by Clarisco Solution is the global access to transparent data supported by the best Blockchain platform. Our talented blockchain developers specialize in risk, strategy, legal compliance and taxation and have the ability to integrate with the Internet to develop better strategies for different cases.

We grow every day into a 200+ team with full-time employees, talented engineers, caring application leaders, attractive content writers and marketers interested in the blockchain R&D industry. Clarisco Solution takes responsibility for your financial activities and thereby reduces the chance of fraud and loss while increasing the overall performance of your business.

Current issues at FinTech

The turmoil in the financial sector caused by the financial crisis has affected a wide range of areas:

Increased competition

There is a high demand for services provided by financial technology businesses and companies do not miss the opportunity to get into the game with their innovative techniques and attractive offers. So traditional banks find it difficult to adapt to the new changes and eventually they lose profits

Lack of public confidence

The pressure of banks to deliver the best is real - as of today, when it comes to the technical side of specific issues, many banks do not fully meet customer expectations.

Regulatory pressure

Permanently increasing regulatory requirements are a challenge for the majority of banks, as a result of which they continue to spend a large portion of their budget.
Companies in the industry tend to deal with him when he is at the top of the game. Blockchain technology should handle issues in a modern way, ensuring that customers have no concerns about the use of their data and the overall security of their funds.

The Purpose of the Blockchain for Fintech

Customer Oriented

The process of opening an account with a data sharing feature via digital ID is automated with the help of blockchain technology

International Payments

Digital online payments are available 24/7 worldwide

Open Bank

Establishing a framework for consumer protection and security by increasing data sharing


Digital investments made on the blockchain site will bring more returns to investors.

Education Lending

Borrowing the education of millions of students around the world will take more time and time to lend to the blockchain site.


Redefining one of the most popular financial sectors through innovations such as secure claim processing, on-site acquisition and risk-free underwriting

The score was awarded

By increasing credit scores through blockchain-based loans, individuals are given the opportunity to participate in the financial world.

Cyber ​​Security

Thanks to the nature of blockchain technology, data is securely protected and irreplaceable


Blockchain for Fintech Strategy

Blockchain technology is sure to transform the financial sector globally. The idea of ​​involving everyone in the transaction and accessing the data using a single ledger attracts many businesses who are willing to automate their operations. At Clarisco Solution, we offer you the latest solutions designed to meet your blockchain needs - be it digital insurance provider or open banking system development.

Financial services

Digital payments
Azure Blockchain
Stocks and securities
Claim Processing
Interest Rates
Credit Scores
Clearing and Settlement
Working Capital Management

FAQ(Frequently Asked Question)

Blockchain powers virtual cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Blockchain is not only a financial technology platform, but it could prove to be extremely valuable in other areas as well, especially the emerging field of mission-critical Enterprise of Things.

Blockchain technology will have a greater impact on traditional finance than current financial technology. It is expected that it will force reforms in the entire financial sector and redistribute the patterns of the sector.

Blockchain technology can improve transparency in the financial sector as users perform transactions on a public ledger. Transparency can reveal inefficiencies such as fraud and lead to problem-solving that could lower risk for financial institutions.

Blockchain is a digital ledger that allows you to transact in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. JPMorgan, Citibank, Wells Fargo and US Bancorp are just a few of the banks that have indicated they use blockchain.

Since its inception, bitcoin has had to deal with security issues. One, bitcoin is extremely difficult to hack. This is due in large part to the blockchain technology that supports it. Hacks are unlikely, as blockchain technology is continuously being updated by bitcoin users.

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