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Our Tezos Development team has extensive blockchain technology experience and is familiar with the intricacies of smart contracts to ensure safety. We encourage open participation and long-term advancement.


Tezos Development for Decentralized Applications

Our Tezos Decentralized App Development team possesses well-versed knowledge of different blockchain platforms. Quick identification of the on-chain and off-chain entities, creation of microservices, setting up of nodes, designing mobile wallets, and integration of API’s into your operations are our specialized services executed seamlessly.

Why Tezos Development for dApps?

Tezos Development is the best Dapps development company due to many reasons. These are the main reasons.

Proof of Stake

A consensus can be reached by all participants, which helps ensure stability. Participation is free and all stakeholders are eligible to be rewarded for their contributions to the security of this network.

On-chain governance

A common protocol amendment can be used to implement better governance mechanisms. The agreement is promoted by the frequent holding of elections.


Self-amendment allows for the improvement of operations and decreases execution and coordination costs. It is easy to implement future-oriented innovations.

Robust verification

Smart contracts, which are not controlled by third parties, increase security in operations. Formal verification can be done easily by knowing the properties of programs.

Clarisco Solution Tezos Blockchain Development Services

We have a wide range of services that guarantee value-addition. They are

Tezos Consulting

Expert consultants will help you determine the feasibility of your platform to support Tezos development. We will identify the right off-chain and onto-chain entities, as well as a technology stack to implement a complete solution.

Smart contract creation

Smart contracts are created with the aid of the Michelson language to automate operations. It can be used to operate on either a private or public network without errors.

Integration seamless

Integration of third-party APIs like Taquito or Conseil ensures high scalability, adaptability, and flexibility.

Token development

Our team can also assist in the creation of stable tokens. Each stage of token creation is supported by technical support and testing.

Creation of a wallet

To handle transactions and trades, custom wallets can be created. Tezos wallets can seamlessly be integrated into client applications.

Decentralized app development

Our technical team builds decentralized apps according to client requirements.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Question)

What is Tezos? Tezos works in the same way as other dApps and smart contract platforms like Waves, NEO, Ethereum and QTUM, but it has a significant advantage over other platforms.

If you are looking for immutability and decentralization, Ethereum is the best option. Ethereum is the best choice for developers who want to build an application that cannot be shut down. Tezos, on the other hand, is better if you are looking for scalability or fast transaction speeds.

Tezos and Polkadot were home to 100+ developers in Q3 2019 and will gain even more in Q3 2020.

Tezos' consensus algorithm is built on the proof-of-stake mechanism. Proof-of-stake is a system that allows participants of the consensus algorithm to be chosen based on their stake (the number of tokens they have). This same process is used for Tezos governance.

How to create, test and deploy a Tezos smart contract?
Step 1: Install LIGO CLI. Installing the LIGO CLI is necessary to compile and test the contract. You can find the...
Step 2: Define your Entry Point.
Step 3: Establish the Deposit Operation.
Step 4: Establish the Withdraw Operation.

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