MLM Software based on Smart Contract in the Binance Smart Chain

Enter the DeFi space by launching the competent smart contract-based MLM software on the Binance Smart Chain Network. Measure your MLM business securely, transparently, unlicensed and completely autonomous with this decentralized protocol. At Clarisco Solution, smart contract-based MLM platform development services are impeccable and we are leading experts in blockchain technology.


Create a smart contract-based MLM site in the financial smart chain

Since the advent of blockchain technology, smart contracts have been used in a variety of financial services, making third-party requirements unnecessary. Now, smart contracts are widely used in MLM businesses, overcoming the shortcomings that once turned MLM into a risky business venture. With brilliant deals and their unchanging and permissible nature, MLM businesses can operate with high security and zero risks.

Clarisco Solution began to develop various protocols and solutions in the field of cryptocurrency and decentralized finance. A few examples include DeFi smart contract development, tokenization development and ICO development. So our solutions are your best bet to succeed in other fields in your MLM business and financial services industry.


What is a Smart Contract-Based MLM Platform?

MLM or multi-level marketing is a popular marketing strategy where sellers force their distributors to hire new ones who are paid by the sales of multiple distributors. Now, thanks to brilliant deals, this business can be run efficiently, transparently and reliably.

A smart contract-based MLM platform running on blockchain networks such as Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum can offer multiple MLM plans in the MLM plan, for which they will benefit in the form of crypto assets and tokens. MLM businesses running on smart contracts have automated the processes performed on traditional MLM platforms and eliminated the involvement of human effort, which is a shortcoming of the previous model.


MLM Software on the Binance Smart Chain

Binance Smart Chain is a blockchain network like Ethereum and TRON. It is built on Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and integrated with Smart Deals, which streamlines all transactions and processes. Since it is an autonomous and independent blockchain, dApps and many other DeFi protocols can be created on this network. Uses active stock-off-stack mechanism to verify transactions in BSc.

Some of the advantages of the Binance smart chain, which is considered profitable for the MLM business, are high efficiency, low transaction fees and cross-chain compatibility - meaning assets can be transferred from one blockchain to another. BNP tokens are fees for members who join the platform, which fully regulates the regular operations of the MLM site. Built on EVM, users can easily integrate their Metamask wallets with the BSC site.


Regular MLM Trading Vs Blockchain-Based MLM Trading

Thanks to the introduction of cryptocurrency and blockchain, a unique and new perspective has been added to the MLM business. Cryptocurrency paves the way for quick and transparent transactions with digital currencies. This has some advantages over traditional MLM businesses, they have many disadvantages and users are reluctant to interact with them. Some of them include

Lack of hope

Creating credibility among customers is a big risk.

Slow transactions

We do not know when and how customers make transactions, we process. Delays approach the regular MLM model.

Lack of transparency

Customers and users are not aware of the information about their transactions and payments.

Changeable nature

Users of the MLM program were kept in the dark about their earnings.

With blockchain technology like Binance Smart Chain, users do not have to worry about the aforementioned errors, alternative smart deals and their consistency. Since all payments are made in cryptocurrencies, users can easily come up with more suggestions and increase business.


The BEP-20 token

Extending the standard Ethereum token to ERC-20, the BEP-20 is the standard token of the financial smart chain. It is similar and compatible with both BEP-2 and ERC-20. These tokens represent stocks, fiat coins and major currencies. All BEP-20 tokens are fueled with BNB.

Key Features and Benefits of Smart Contract-Based MLM Site

There are a lot of advantages to choosing from our feature-packed Smart Contract based MLM operating system, which gives users the best experience on this type of site. These include some but not all

Completely decentralized site
Complete self-sufficiency
A transparent site
Immunity to fraud risks
Completely safe and secure
Faster payment transactions
There is no extra transaction fee
Secure and automated transactions
Do not trust intermediaries
High data security
Unchanging smart deals
Unrestricted calculation of funds earned
Flexible revenue model

Smart deals can boost your MLM business! Here's how

One of the main reasons for the habit of late MLM businesses is smart contracts. It uses the integrated features of transparency and consistency to grow an MLM business. This advanced business system provides sustainable factor confidence, so investors will not hesitate to participate in this lucrative endeavour. MLM businesses are growing on platforms such as more investors and integrating with smart deals, which increases profits for the business owner.When it comes to MLM businesses, a lot of strings are attached. Interference in conventional MLMs was a factor.

With smart deals on a blockchain network like Binance Smart Chain, users can monitor, identify and detect all transactions that take place on the platform. Blockchain acts as an open-ledger so participants can see past and present transactions. MLM, which has created a smart deal in the financial smart chain, says these assets are very attractive to investors and customers.

The final feature of such sites, which are located above the traditional methods, is the peer-to-peer system of such protocols. Third-party integration is not necessary and the chances of customers being scammed are very low, which makes smart contract MLM growth in the financial smart chain a very sensible business investment.Clarisco Smart Chain's smart contract-based MLM financial solution offers you and your MLM business all of the above features enhanced with the best vote and impressive ROI.


BIF's Smart Contract MLM Development Finance Chain is your capital choice for a profitable business.

The MLM business operates in more than 100 countries and is known as a lucrative and effective investment for entrepreneurs and start-ups looking for a large gap. We are the right people to invest in the Clarisco Solution. For those with many years of experience in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, creating the most intelligent contract-based MLM platform in the accounting smart chain is a start.

All of our solutions are white labelled and customizable, and you need to determine how your endeavour works. We have Guild-Edge developers, market analysts and blockchain experts.

Contact us soon to begin the work of creating great success in your smart contract-based MLM accounting smart chain!

FAQ(Frequently Asked Question)

Smart Contract MLM is base codes that are written on specific Blockchains and deliver certain business functions based upon business interlinking algorithms.

Binance Smart Chain uses a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. It is built on an EVM (Ethereum virtual machine). The Binance Smart Chain can also support the development of smart contracts. It is very similar to TRON and Ethereum, but it has become a popular platform for DeFi and dApp development.

This revolutionary solution gives you insight into your industry and allows you to understand the protocols. The combination of MLM and smart contracts creates a unique solution that helps you overcome all your challenges. You also have the opportunity to explore a variety of options that can be used in conjunction with your dual-chain architecture.

Clarisco Solution can help you achieve a highly coordinated, optimized development process that is unmatched by other service providers. It's possible because we have a coordinated process that includes many stages of testing, clearance, and approval. We make sure that your company gets exactly what it needs when we create this program. We create the program based on what product or service you want to sell.

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