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An end-to-end paintings-backed token design for art business. We have a tendency to facilitate the business in technology, legal, and auditing methods to lift capital for getting art. Our tokens are compliant with varied jurisdictions with the laws embedded in a smart contract.


Art Token Development

At Clarisco, we offer services that embody due diligence, auditing and legal services for the valuation of your art so assign a price for your token. supported the blockchain technology we have a tendency to develop art tokens permitting your investors to earn dividends or interest.

Also, we provide a Crowdfunding Art Tokenization Platform for tokenizing galleries, thereby, achieving liquidation and raising funds for future growth and purchases.


Scope of Art Investment Tokens

Commercial Gallery Tokenization

Ownership set of paintings by audited fractionalization logic in compliance with laws and standards.

Single Art Tokenization

Tokenize your single Art and come through crowdfunding for any procurance of art or capital for your project.

Trophy Art Tokenization

Liquidate your trophy art and lift funds for any procured art that comes in a very compliant, secured, and changeless ledger.

Art Tokenization Strategy

Token-backed art revolutionizes the approach art enthusiasts invest and collect paintings worldwide. The potential of strategizing by blockchain developers, legal and money advisors. At Clarisco, we have a tendency to alter the legal and sensible problems with a team of Legal, money, and Blockchain Consultants alongside Art enthusiasts to make sure the tokens are legally compliant.

Our developers systematically see our subject material consultants on crowdfunding/ securities, tax/accounting, and art enthusiasts throughout the tokenization of the assets. SMEs guide our team within the development permitting you to lift funds inside the regulative framework.

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Token Structure
Smart Contracts
sort of Interest
Legal Entity
Securities laws
company Code
Art Type
Location of the Art
Art to Tokens Ratio
Investor Traceability
Automated KYC/AML
Accredited Investor Verification
International Fundraising
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Why Clarisco?

Our art tokens have a de jure compliant design which may be designed on the varied blockchains. Our team of members is extremely driven to assist you to tokenize your art inside the legal framework.

Ethereum, Hyperledger, or Stellar Token Structure

Blockchain & Smart Contract Development consultants

Understand the wants of the Market

End to finish Securitized Art Token resolution

Experienced Team of Technology, Legal & money Advisors

Art Tokenization Platform

A customized -made all-encompassing painting-backed token issue platform for the gallery business. Through the platform, Issuers will tokenize their industrial galleries or single trophy paintings. As an issuing company, become a “Tokenization as a Service” supplier, and also the tokens will be either on Ethereum, Hyperledger, or Stellar.

Automated Compliance
Globalized KYC/AML
Multi-Ledger Art Token Development
Automated Legal and laws
Non-Fungible Tokens
Automated reportage to Authorities
Art Tokenization Platform

FAQ(Frequently Asked Question)

Artwork tokenization is the idea of transforming the art of any form into a token with proprietary information and art identity. This token represents art and every sale made with an art token will be recorded in a distributed ledger.

Art tokenization may seem simple but independent art tokenization will require blockchain integration, wallet to create stocks and various tops for different purposes. Art tokenization companies are the best way to tokenize your art.

There are many purposes for identifying an art.
To gain a wider access to post it in tokenization markets.
Possession of the right to the particular art and making it undamaged.

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