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Being a noted Tokenization Platform Development Company, we provide Tokenizer/Tokenization as a Service (TaaS). We deliver feature-rich tokenization platforms for digitizing and liquidating assets on the blockchain. Nurture your business with our enterprise-grade services and solutions.


Tokenization Platform Development

Technology is transcending a replacement path in terms of mercantilism & securities ecosystems, by adapting to Blockchain technology. The birth of crypto tokens has therefore happened, simply to convert illiquid assets to liquids. The crypto tokens are often bound to securities like crypto bonds/equity shares/assets.

Clarisco, with its incomparable data, offers a feature-rich compliant platform for digitizing & liquidating assets on the blockchain while making certain the legal compliance of securities tokens.

Types of Tokenization Platforms

ICO Token Platform

Utility tokens are engineered as a way of fundraising for any entity. The tokens are often engineered on numerous blockchain platforms like Eos, Hyperledger, Stellar, etc., or on a made-to-order blockchain platform. Non-fungible utility tokens may also be inbuilt in order to possess a singular identity that can't be listed for different tokens.

Security Token Platform

Security Tokens are either protected crypto bonds/shares/assets. The tokens are often engineered on numerous existing blockchain platforms, betting on the business needs; or may also be engineered on a tailored Blockchain platform.

Asset Tokenization Platform

The tokens protected assets like real estate property, art, gold, etc. The tokens are often created either by leveraging the prevailing blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Hyperledger, etc. or on a custom-made blockchain platform.

Non-Fungible Tokenization Platform (NFT)

NFT permits the user to tokenize their distinctive assets like art, games assets, virtual land, accessories, and so on. The distinctive tokenization platform introduces numerous opportunities to form NFT that is underneath evolution. The NFT allows the creators to tokenize their distinctive creations and collectibles to NFTs and lift their asset value within the NFT marketplace.

Why Tokenize?

Minimalism is in order: The tokenization of Securities makes things easier, quicker, and radically upgradable for the standard market, thereby creating the trading lives of investors straightforward, economical, and efficient.

Some of the benefits include

Legal Compliance

Programmable Securities

Increased Liquidity

24*7 Market Accessibility

Fractionalization of possession

No Intermediaries




What is a Digital quality Platform?

A tokenizer could be a tokenization platform, so as to issue utility tokens, security tokens, or asset tokens. it's imperative to use an end-to-end integrated platform with intrinsic security & regulatory compliance, incl. of KYC/AML automation, neoteric technology to draw smart contracts, et al.

Clarisco provides Tokenizer/Tokenization as a Service (TaaS). together with the leading pioneers within the Blockchain development landscape, we have the experience to cater to your needs by establishing a tailored ethereum/hyperledger/stellar or to your own tailored blockchain tokenization platform.

Some options of the Tokenizer include
End-to-end platform development
Legal compliance
Lifecycle management
Unique identification of tokens
Globalized KYC/AML Verification
Multi-ledger Security Token Development
Crypto/native tokens or order currency as a payment entryway
Automated Compliance with Blockchain & Smart Contracts
Automated Policy & rules with Smart Contracts
Automated coverage to regulatory Authorities
Tokens issued have an ability layer for exchanges across the globe

Blockchains for Tokenization Platform


Ethereum platform offers ASCII text file blockchain with SDK practicality. Non-fungible tokens on ERC721 token sort. At Clarisco, we have a tendency to build Smart contracts to optimize gas costs.


An enterprise version of Ethereum, the Quorum Blockchain is a perfect blockchain for applications that need high speed and high turnout and facilitate keeping the transactions personal inside permission clusters and adopted within the monetary business.


We develop a peer-to-peer Blockchain network on the Hyperledger musician that gives transparency, security, allows collaboration, quantifiability, etc. The answers are often deployed across numerous industries and organizations that need a customized blockchain.


We develop a blockchain on Stellar to trade across borders in no time, between any combination of currencies. The tokens engineered on this platform are “Lumen” compliant. This platform is a lot of banking-sector friendly, providing an economical and versatile mode of enlargement.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Question)

Property tokenization sites convert real world assets into digital tokens. This process is referred to as Tokenization as a Service (TaaS). Any property can be identified: real estate, VC funds, precious metals, stock, physical objects, intellectual property, sports teams, music, art or collectibles.

Tokenation works by removing valuable data from your environment and replacing it with these tokens. Most businesses have at least some sensitive data on their computers, whether it is credit card data, medical information, social security numbers or anything else that requires security and protection.

For an example of a system that uses tokenization, see your mobile. Apple Pay, Google Pay and other digital wallets run on a tokenization system.

Tokenization is the process of converting certain types of assets into tokens, which can be moved, stored, or recorded in blockchain. ... In simple terms tokenization is the process of changing the structure of a blockchain that can manage the value of an object, such as a painting or carbon credit.

The advent of blockchain-based tokenization is one of the reasons for establishing that the future will be tokenized. Tokenization in the context of blockchain refers to the most secure process for converting real world property or financial property rights into digital assets.

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