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As a pioneer Blockchain Supply Chain development company, we deliver awe-inspiring supply chain solutions by harnessing the power of Blockchain & IoT.


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The sales chain moves services or products from supplier to customer. Although this is a simple way to describe, the distribution chain process is the most complex system of organizations, people, functions and information sharing content. This is a process that has been struggling for years with issues such as innovation and transparency.

But in those days, blockchain, which could solve problems in the supply chain network, was gone with the advent of technology blockade, and it was safe to clarify this process to suppliers and customers.

Clarisco Solutions is a blockchain supply chain software development company that will reduce your business costs and increase process speed and customer satisfaction.

Problems with sales chain operation


There are several steps in the distribution chain process, including increased risk of information loss and fraud.


Suppliers struggle with products from time to time and have not been able to find a viable solution to this problem that could lead to a loss of revenue.


Like information, products are lost along the way, resulting in customer dissatisfaction.


This may be the oldest problem in the supply chain operation. Suppliers' inventory is generally not up to date with numbers and information mismatches.


Blockchain solution for the supply chain

As a pioneer Blockchain Supply Chain development company, we deliver awe-inspiring supply chain solutions by harnessing the power of Blockchain & IoT.

Once the data is recorded on the blockchain network, it remains unchanged, so it cannot be copied. Everyone gets the information they need to see it. All of these help to increase transparency in the supply chain while ensuring that inventory issues are not lost.

Another feature that comes with the digital shared ledger is the possibility of actual products. This means that when the product is created, you can give it a unique number or code to make sure it is not counterfeit.

Advantages of blockchain technology in supply chain operation

Eliminate manual errors and frauds

The supply chain of human errors and missing funds is high as there are many points from the beginning to the delivery. If each transaction is entered into a digital ledger, those risks are minimized.

Improved inventory management

The various charge chain management will also have inventory data, which will take quantity. Blockchain will improve inventory data by ordering sets in private blockchain.

Improved customer-retailer relationship

The customer-retailer relationship is the crown of any endeavor. Blockchain protects customer data and ensures excellence in other services.

Properties of blockchain

Claim processing - Unchanging transactions

The transactions that take place in the supply chain certainly do not change due to security concerns in the supply chain ledgers.

Underwriting - No third party involvement

The distribution chain is a peer-to-peer network that does not allow any third-party visitors to observe transaction sets in ledgers.

Loans - Shared datasets

Share the transaction through the databases in the transaction ledgers so that business transactions can proceed smoothly.

Stocks and securities - Secure, transparent and reliable

Distribution chain transactions are secure, transparent and reliable, so business transactions can take place in a secure environment.

Digital payments - Cryptographic ledgers

Supply chains contain the ledgers of each transaction in the network. No one outside the network can see these encrypted transactions.

Digital payments - Quick Transaction

There is no need for a third-party to approve our transaction,the process of trading money or any information between the parties is done within minutes.


IoT for Supplychain

Blockchain is a missing piece of IoT technology - together they can take the distribution chain to another level.

The Internet of Things has transformed our achievements into smart engines that connect to the Internet. Used for blockchain networks, IoT technology is very secure and feasible.

With this combination, suppliers can guarantee product quality using smart devices while ensuring data storage and data source sharing on the network.


Development of Multichain

Multichain technology is a simple API and command line interface that installs private blockchains for users who use it as a company for financial transactions. The main purpose of multichain is to avoid confusion and to ensure stability in transactions when connecting two blockchain nodes. Ensuring security, reliability and full-scale cryptocurrency blockchain for your private company Our price chain technology is excellent, we assure you, and we can provide you with many features to enhance the security of your private blockchain.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Question)

Blockchain allows all parties in a supply chain to have access to the same information. This could reduce errors in communication and transfer data. ... Finally, blockchain can streamline administrative processes and lower costs through the ability to audit supply chain data.

Blockchain is a digital electronic linkage of information via any type of transaction. It leverages the technology as a digital electronic ledger. ... The possibilities of Blockchain's application in the Supply Chain, especially the Digital Supply Chain of the Future, are more apparent.

Blockchain builds communication between partners. This creates a more efficient process that has shorter lead times, less redundancy, and ultimately, a smaller supply chain. This allows the seller to have greater control over the production of the product, ensuring that quality standards are met.

Blockchain is the future for supply chain transparency. Blockchain will revolutionize the way that the supply chain operates in the future. Blockchain is still a promising technology. It can be used for everything, from financial services to cryptocurrency to product shipments and food.

7 steps to implement blockchain in your supply chain
Determine the feasibility and use case of blockchain. ...
Find the right partner in the blockchain. Find the right blockchain partners.
Identify the best areas for blockchain implementation. ...
Data interoperability is the goal. ...
Imagine the potential of blockchain. You can find out more about...
Understand blockchain volatility. Learn more.
Try the technology.

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