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Hashgraph hereafter for decentralization.


Have you ever wondered what Hashgraph is?

Since 2008, the spotlight is on the concept of a distributed ledger and hashgraph is the new entrant to the decentralization world. Hashgraph visualizes a fresh and enhanced peer-to-peer computing model that will harness its power to an unprecedented level. As we transit from client-server to a new trust layer for the internet, the hashgraph will solve the impediments to efficiency, scalability, and interoperability. In addition, hashgraph plans to solve Byzantine Generals Problem using Asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerance.

The Hashgraph network is currently private and restricted. It is being used for commercially viable solutions. Sybil attacks are prevented by the hashgraph's natural protection from Sybil attacks because it has prior knowledge about the identities and nodes. Consensus mechanisms will account for all maliciousnesses and preserve the overall throughput.


Gossip Protocol

Hashgraph is involved in the gossip protocol, also known as an epidemic protocol. This protocol allows for computer-computer communication. These protocols are based on the way social networks distribute information.

Virtual Voting

Hashgraph follows virtual voting. A node can view its hashgraph and examine other nodes to vote for another node. When two-thirds or more of the nodes within the network are witnesses, the nodes are considered to be in consensus.

Increased Throughput

Hashgraph's throughput is incredible. Hashgraph can perform transactions up to 50,000 times faster and can process more than 250,000 transactions per second in one single shard. Hashgraph is extremely fast, taking only seconds to send transactions.

Better Security

Asynchronous Byzantine fault-tolerant (asynchronous) is the consensus algorithm for hashgraph. It allows the community to decide the execution precedence between two transactions within a network. When consensus is reached, mathematical proof of the time exists.

Increased fairness

Hashgraph allows fair ordering and fair timestamps. Fair ordering allows for priority orders based on the time of order. Fair timestamps also foster trust in the whole community, not just one miner.


Distributed Ledger Technology (DLTs), which is used in the hashgraph, is extremely scalable because the Java Software Development Kit(SDK) is easier to use than solidity. These enable the hashgraph's scalability in terms of bandwidth and transactions.

Hashgraph and Industry 4.0

Hashgraph Stock Markets
Live Collaboration DApps
Decentralized Auctions
Hashgraph Game Development
Hashgraph with Artificial Intelligence
Cybersecurity with Edge Computing
Secure Energy Systems
Supply Chain Administration
Tracking for Logistics
Identity management

FAQ(Frequently Asked Question)

Blockchain makes it possible to ensure that data is not stored in one place or controlled by one entity. Hedera Hashgraph, on the other hand, is a distributed ledger tech that uses the same data structure as Blockchain and has a better consensus mechanism. It offers the advantages of blockchain without any limitations.

Hedera's governance system is completely decentralized and includes up to 39 highly diversified and term-limited leading organizations and businesses.

Hedera Hashgraph is a reliable solution for companies or projects that need high-security ledgers.

Hedera Hashgraph's name is derived from an algorithm. ... The money was raised via an institutional token sale. Hedera plans to use the money for a new commerce network that uses its "hashgraph consensus technology".

Since there is no native hashgraph cryptocurrency, it has been difficult to invest in this technology for people who aren’t accredited investors. The only way was Swirlds which was a private company. ... But, projects that are built on hashgraph may issue their own ICOs and gaming platforms.

Leemon is the creator of the hashgraph distributed consensus algorithm and is also the Chief Scientist at Hedera. Leemon has over 20 years of experience in technology and startups. He was a professor of computer science at the US Air Force Academy and a senior scientist in many labs.

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