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Crypto Exchange Script

Huobi Clone Script | Kickstart a Cryptocurrency Exchange Business Like Huobi


Thrive in the ultra-competitive crypto landscape with a crypto exchange platform that strikes a fine balance between innovation & performance.

Launch A Multifaceted Cryptocurrency Exchange Like Huobi

Huobi, a Seychelles-based exchange, was founded by Leon Li in China. Huobi has been one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges since 2013, and throughout that tenure, it has acquired a stellar reputation. This versatile crypto exchange supports trading for over 400 cryptocurrencies, giving users one of the most diverse crypto picks on a centralized exchange. Huobi has the most up-to-date security measures for exchanges, with user crypto assets safeguarded through dedicated multi-signature cold wallets and round-the-clock system monitoring. 

It's no surprise that entrepreneurs and businesses have jumped at the chance to launch a Huobi-like crypto exchange of their own!. If you are one such crypto aficionado on the lookout for a splendid cryptocurrency exchange like Huobi, we have got your back. As a renowned cryptocurrency exchange development company, we are highly acclaimed for our innovatory and the knack to deliver one-of-a-kind, feature-packed crypto exchange platforms in a trice. Embark on your crypto journey today!.

Huobi Crypto Exchange - A Brief Overview

Huobi is a high-liquidity crypto exchange platform that allows users to earn interest by staking cryptocurrency or locking cryptocurrency in a pool for free crypto airdrops. Due to the Chinese government's recently imposed crypto laws, the platform although initially established in China, is now located in Seychelles. Huobi provides crypto-to-crypto trading with an expansive spectrum of cryptos and minimal trading costs. Features like limit, stop, and trigger orders, margin and futures trading, are available on this platform. Popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Dogecoin (DOGE), and Polkadot (DOT) are readily available, with new cryptocurrencies being added on a frequent basis.

How To Launch A Crypto Exchange Like Huobi?

With everyone jumping the bandwagon to play a part in the crypto arena, only a noob will miss out on a chance to launch a crypto exchange brimming with features and functionalitze. But how can one develop a crypto exchange platform that is sure to thrive? Lucky for you, there is not one but three approaches to build a crypto exchange. If you are a pro in coding, you can develop a crypto exchange from ground up by aligning yourself with a renowned cryptocurrency exchange development company such as ours. Another way to launch a crypto exchange like Huobi is via a white label Huobi clone software. This software can be customized and launched in a matter of weeks. And the final mechanism to build and launch your cryptocurrency exchange like Huobi is by utilizing a Huobi clone script. If you are looking for a way to launch your Huobi-like cryptocurrency exchange in mere days, then Huobi clone script is the way to go. As a preeminent crypto exchange development company, we offer crypto exchange development services via all the mechanisms mentioned above. Get in touch with us today!.

What Exactly is a Huobi Clone Script?

Huobi clone script is a ready-to-launch replica of the astounding cryptocurrency exchange platform, Huobi. Not only does the clone script offer the exclusive features of the Huobi crypto exchange, but also allows you to customize it to suit your unique needs. The fact that our bug-free, fully-featured Huobi clone script can be launched into the global crypto space in a couple of days is what you call an ‘icing on the cake’. Capitalize on the opportunity to launch a Huobi-like crypto exchange built with a digital asset ecosystem that incorporates leading-edge trading features such as spot trading, derivatives trading, staking, crypto loans, and more.

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Features of Our Huobi Clone Script 

Seamless User Interface  
Powerful Trade Engine  
24/7 Chat Support  
Referral Program  
Multi-Language Support  
Admin & User Dashboard  
Atomic Swaps  
Liquidity API  
Multi-Sig Cold Wallet  
Cross-Platform Compatibility  
Real-Time Price Alerts  
OTC Trading   
Top-Tier Security  
Margin Trading  
Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)  
Cold Storage  
Flexible Payment Methods

White Label Huobi Clone Software

A White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange is a software that is incorporated with the primary features of the leading crypo exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, Huobi, Kraken, and more. White Label usually represents a product that is developed by one company and is rebranded by another company as its own. The same goes for our White Label Huobi Clone Software. Built by developers with years of expertise in crypto exchange development, our white label Huobi clone software is delivers all the benefits delivered by Huobi cryptocurrency exchange and more!. Our white label Huobi clone software can be customized on the go and launched in the crypto market in a fortnight. 

Why Should you Launch a Huobi-like Crypto Exchange?

Tremendous Growth in Value  
Easy Accessibility  
Elevated Security  
Low Fees  
24/7 Markets  
Everlasting Industry Growth  
Global Reach  
Incomparable Privacy

How Our Huobi Clone Script Works?

To utilize our Huobi clone software, any user must first create an account. The users need to click on 'Sign Up' and register using their email address or phone number. Once the users verify the account by entering the verification code, they can proceed with buying or selling the crypto of their choice.

Buy Crypto

Click on ‘Buy Crypto’. Select the crypto you want to buy after clicking ‘Buy’.   
Now choose the seller who aligns with your requirements and click ‘Buy’.  
Enter the amount of fiat currency you want to spend or the number of tokens you want to buy. Click ‘Order’.  
Choose the ‘payment method’ and transfer the money directly to seller.   
Click ‘Paid’ and ‘Confirm’ button to again confirm that you have made the payment.  
Once the seller’s confirms the payment, the tokens will be instantly sent to you.  
You can view your crypto assets by clicking “view assets”.

Sell Crypto

Click ‘Sell’ and select the token you want to sell.   
Choose the buyer who aligns with your requirements and click ‘Sell’.  
Enter the fiat currency or the number of tokens you want to sell. Click ‘Order’ within 45 seconds.  
Now, enter your fund password and click ‘Confirm’.  
A message - “The buyer is paying” will be displayed while the buyer makes the payment.  
After successful payment, the page will display ‘Please confirm receipt’.   
Check the balance in your bank account/e-wallet and tap “I have received payment” if the required amount has been credited.   
To release the token, Press “Confirm” and enter your Fund password again.  
Your transaction is now complete!

Benefits of Our Huobi Clone Script 

High Return on Investment  
Seamless Wallet Integration  
900+ Trading Pairs  
Withdrawals & Deposits are free of charge  
Trading costs far lower than other platforms  
Exceptional Scalability  
Instantaneous KYC/AML verification  
Extreme Liquidity

Houbi Clone App Development

The ever-soaring number of mobile users is the reason why businesses are sprinting towards launching highly optimized mobile applications integrated with world-class user interfaces to entice their potential users. The freedom that a mobile application delivers whether it be working on the move or its ability to offer impeccable personalization, is why users get captivated by a mere mobile app. The crowded the user base, the more the ROI. 

Being a client-centric firm, we have always put our clients first. And this is why we offer Houbi clone mobile app development service. Our Houbi clone mobile app offers every feature/functionality that is offered by our Houbi clone software. Control the crypto world via  a mere app!. This Houbi clone mobile app is fully-customizable, meaning you can modify/add/remove the features of the app to ensure that it aligns with your interest. Curious? Get in touch with us today to get your hands on this exclusive mobile app today!.

Why Choose Our Huobi Clone Script?

Developing a cryptocurrency exchange using a clone script might sound facile, but a lot relies on the code behind the clone script’s development. To build and launch a stunning cryptocurrency exchange like Huobi, the clone script itself needs to be a top-notch one. Even a single bug can ruin a well-built crypto exchange. This is where we come in. As a world-renowned cryptocurrency exchange development company, we are highly acclaimed for our feature-packed, bug-free, irrefutable crypto exchange clone scripts. Leverage our leading-edge Huobi clone script today and vanquish the crypto world in no time. 

On-Time Delivery  
In-House Developers  
Cost-Effective Solutions  
24/7 Support  
Years of Expertise  
Quality Assurance

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