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WazirX Clone Script

Supercharge your crypto exchange with the potent WazirX Clone Script promptly!

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White-Label Crypto Exchange

Launch a P2P Crypto Exchange like WazirX

The WazirX Clone Script offers a ready-made solution for a cryptocurrency exchange platform similar to WazirX, with advanced features and functionalities.
Clarisco offers a fully customizable WazirX Clone Script for rapid deployment, enabling seamless cryptocurrency trading worldwide, including fiat currencies, while preserving your brand identity.

Highlighted Features of our WazirX Clone Script

Clarisco experts collaboratively crafted a superb platform with outstanding features to assist users in their trading endeavors.

Margin Trading

Our WazirX Clone includes features for easy margin trading, incorporating funds lending and crypto asset security.

Trading Bots

Our WazirX clone features a crypto trading bot focused on maximizing profits through automated buying and selling.

Payment Gateway

Our versatile payment gateway within the WazirX Clone Script offers multiple choices, such as PayPal, debit, and various other payment methods.

Wallet Integration

Clarisco offers a distinctive wallet designed for cryptocurrency transactions among users on the WazirX Clone P2P Exchange Platform.

IEO Launchpad

We've made it easier to raise capital through crypto token trading by integrating the IEO launchpad into our WazirX clone

Dispute Resolution

The admin promptly steps in to ensure swift resolution of issues or conflicts involving all platform stakeholders, including buyers, sellers, and escrows.

Two-Factor Authentication

Our WazirX clone incorporates two-factor authentication, featuring biometric verification alongside the standard username and password.

Jail Login

Our WazirX clone software assesses various authentication factors and verification configurations to safeguard the security of the user's wallet.

HTTP Authentication

Our WazirX clone incorporates HTTP authentication to virtually eliminate vulnerabilities and threats from network connections.

Email Verification

The user's wallet is granted access only once their identity has been verified through email, ensuring a high level of transaction security.

Escrow Enabled Wallet

Transaction safety is ensured through escrow wallets, and cryptos are transferred to the user's wallet upon confirmation.

KYC/AML Verification

Our WazirX Exchange clone ensures fraud prevention with strict enforcement of user identity verification in accordance with KYC regulations.

Centralized Dashboard

Our WazirX clone platform includes a visually striking platform that offers an all-in-one set of features to cater to the needs of business owners.

Independent P2P Trading

Users have the freedom to buy and sell cryptocurrencies without third-party interference, ensuring complete independence in trading.

Multi-Lingual Support

We offer multilingual support to our global customers to accommodate the widespread use of cryptocurrencies

Various Payment methods

Users have a wide range of payment options available to satisfy their transaction needs for various purposes.

Offline Wallets

At Clarisco, we offer robust offline wallets for secure cryptocurrency and fiat transaction management by administrators.

Reviews & Ratings

Administrators can take corrective actions by reviewing user feedback and reviews for sellers and the entire process.

WazirX Clone App Development

Accessing your digital platform easily is crucial, and the WazirX clone app provides a solution. It offers real-time data and unique features, making it convenient for traders. Starting your WazirX clone app with Clarisco ensures a genuine-like experience for users and traders, featuring excellent functionalities and a user-friendly interface for storing and withdrawing currencies.

White-Label Crypto Exchange
Benefits of Starting a Crypto Exchange like WazirX

Starting your cryptocurrency exchange with our WazirX clone script offers numerous significant advantages.

Trusted Brand Reputation

Scalability and Adaptability

High Liquidity

High ROI

Streamlined Operations

100% Customizable

Development Process of our WazirX Clone Script

Requirement Analysis

Our customer representatives work closely with users to document their requirements and outline the vision for the website and app.


After receiving client requirements, our expert tech team swiftly creates a comprehensive action plan.


Our designers use their creative talents to craft stunning UI designs for your application while staying true to crypto's core business principles.


Our skilled web developers seamlessly integrate cutting-edge in-house blockchain technology to flawlessly code the WazirX clone website.


The designed WazirX clone platform undergoes rigorous testing with various security tools to ensure it's entirely free of vulnerabilities and bugs.


We ensure seamless deployment of the WazirX clone platform into the client's network, guaranteeing immediate compatibility for crypto transactions.


We offer full support, from the initial idea to after deployment, and seamlessly integrate any website and mobile app changes.

White-Label Crypto Exchange
Technology Stack We Cater

We created a cutting-edge WazirX clone exchange platform, compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and the web, using the latest technology tools.


Why Clarisco Stands out in WazirX Exchange Clone Development?

Clarisco, a standout Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company, is the top choice for developing the WazirX Clone Script. Discover why both newcomers and established businesses prefer our services for cryptocurrency exchange platform development.

Extensive Experience

User-Focused Approach

High Liquidity

Timely Delivery

Customization Capabilities

Ongoing Support

FAQS(Frequently Asked Questions)

WazirX clone script is a pre-engineered off-the-shelf version of the leading WazirX cryptocurrency exchange. It delivers all the benefits and features of the WazirX crypto exchange.

To launch WazirX like crypto exchange, you need a thoroughly audited WazirX clone script with all the features of the WazirX crypto exchange and more. We are one of the renowned WazirX clone script development companies. To get a quote, click here.

The cost of developing a WazirX like crypto exchange might vary depending on the level of sophistication, functionality, among other variables. Get in touch with us today and let us help you determine your product cost. To schedule a meeting, click here.

Usually, a cryptocurrency exchange like WazirX can be developed in a matter of weeks. Although, this time duration might vary based on your business requirements. To know more, click here.

Some of the prominent security features include:

KYC/AML Verification

Encrypted Private Key

Two-factor Authentication

CSRF & SSRF protection

SQL Injection Prevention

Anti-DDoS protection

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