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Rise of the Non-Fungible Tokens

The digital market has been in the flow of generating incredible revenue for the past two years, mainly due to the introduction of NFTs. A Non-Fungible token, also known as NFT, is a digital representation of a digital asset or property. NFTs have a unique value for digital assets, allowing the user to rediscover its owner. Because NFTs are decentralized, they cannot be copied or deleted, so it is much safer and more secure for users to invest in them. NFTs can be bought and sold in decentralized transactions, but the NFT market is the most commonly used exchange platform for buying and selling NFTs. NFT markets are built into the blockchain network, which makes transactions secure and secure for users interested in trading NFTs. There are many segments of the NFT market; Open platform, dedicated site and open protocol.


Different classifications of NFT markets

The three main classifications of NFT markets

Open platform

In an open platform marketplace, users will trade any kind of NFTs on the platform, like music files, audio files, video files, and Artwork. Common samples of open platform area units are Rarible and OpenSea.


Rare is a new type of NFT marketplace built on blockchain technology. This blockchain technology protects and preserves digital collections stored on the platform. The Rare Market has established itself as one of the best potential markets for securing digital assets and the arts using blockchain. Rarible uses its own ERC-20 based mostly management token referred to as RARI, which allows collectors and creators to vote on multi upgrade platforms.


OpenSea is the first decentralized NFT marketplace, established in 2018. OpenSea is a commonly used platform in the digital marketplace to buy and sell NFTs. Since this is an open site, almost every type of NFT can be traded, sold and bought on the platform. Popular digital assets in this market include artwork, sporting goods, collections, digital representation of physical assets, domain names and more.

Exclusive platform

As the name implies, these types of NFT marketplaces are exclusive types, only a certain type of digital property can be bought and sold on the platform. The most common markets occurring under this category are Foundation, Nifty Gateway and Super Rare


The Foundation was initially launched in the Gregorian calendar month February 2021 and has already been a large success, building this NFT market primarily for the development of digital art collections. This is a creator-based site. This allows artists to select and invite other artists to join the NFT production site. Collectors have the power to browse works of art and initiate auctions.

Super Rare

SuperRare is a combination of social media platforms and the NFT marketplace platform. It is a peer-to-peer marketplace built on Ethereum. This market specializes in trading digital artwork. All transactions are initiated using ether, the own cryptocurrency of the Ethereum blockchain that powers the market.

Nifty Gateway

The Nifty Gateway is the primary NFT market, also known as the Nifty. The Nifty Gateway was created with the intention of making it accessible to all visitors. The Nifty Gateway has created a limited edition Nifty that takes place every three weeks, in conjunction with the leading brands and artists in the market's leading rise.

Open protocol

The open protocol is an associate degree classification of NFT markets wherever it focuses on making a wider audience and network result for initiating transactions in NFTs. The foremost common style of the protocol is a hospitable market, Zora.


Zora is a protocol developed for the Ethereum blockchain. It establishes permanent markets in the form of ERC-721. Every part of the media is embedded in the market, which has transparent auctions. It is said that each market is unique to the media piece and anyone can inspect the auctions. The site owner may choose to set a fixed price for the media, which is the recommended auction subject to the process of activation by a buyer.

Create your SuperRare NFT Market

At Clarisco, we specialize in creating NFT markets with high performance and cost savings. We create many NFT markets with popular markets and offer them to our customers. Every customer has customization and specifications for their market, we explore them and rank the best market. We provide SuperRare NFT market development services to our customers who want to create an NFT market like SuperRare.

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Super Rare Market

SuperRare is a marketplace built on the Ethereum blockchain. Super Rare is a unique market, only digital art collections are traded in this market. It is an integration of both SuperRare market platforms and social websites. Users in this marketplace can post their digital artwork and other users can like, share and comment on digital artwork. This type of interaction reveals more of their content to users and attracts more visitors. In this market, transactions are done through the Ethereum blockchain's own cryptocurrency ether.


Future with NFT Marketplace like SuperRare

SuperRare is an associate degree exciting NFT marketplace that combines with a localised social network and focuses on delivery along with artwork investors and NFT artists. This platform the NFT artist to interact with visitors and investors in a very exciting and interactive way. Currently, the SuperRare Marketplace is still in its infancy, but it has attracted a large digital community of viewers and attention to the crypto space. In the future, the market aims to continue to advance with adoption as more and more artists continue to be added to the stage.


Our SuperRare NFT-like market development process

Listed below are our SuperRare Marketplace creation processes

  • Chain Selection

    The move involves the selection of the right chain, which is expected to perform new functions such as market bidding, buying and selling digital assets.

  • NFT Printing

    The printing of NFTs is the primary attribute that allows sites to display a list of non-fungal tokens. Token Minting is the process of issuing a token and generating the recognition of platform-related currencies.

  • Wallet integration

    Wallet integration is an important and mandatory process to function effectively in any financial system. Wallet integration involves adding available wallets containing cryptocurrencies to the NFT operating system.

  • NFT Creation

    Creating NFTs is the primary process in the development of any NFT market. It totally depends on the creativity of the designers and developers and the NFTs are priced based on the ideas.

  • Business

    This trade is the final step in creating an NFT market like Super-Rare. When the market is successfully created, the exchange of digital assets is located. They depend on their price and availability and are referred to as NFT platform ready-to-use protocol for users.

  • Characteristic of NFT Market like our SupeRare

    Our NFT market like SuperRare comes with unique features that define the quality of the market.

  • Beta phase function

    Our market promotes passive revenue for users in the beta phase. The beta phase shows that the platform is in its development phase. Income is provided to primary and secondary market users.

  • Art Gallery Commissions

    Our market is integrated with the properties that create add-on commissions for the NFT trade-off process. It differs as primary and secondary depending on the availability of the NFT trading process.

  • Participation fee

    Our SuperRare NFT Marketplace provides participants 'income by receiving shareholders' fees at market price. Market Fee NFTs are priced at an efficient rate, which improves the number of participants who use the platform for trading.

  • Secondary Market Benefits

    Our market is recognized for its secondary market advantages. Often, NFT sites offer benefits through their primary market.

Choose the Clarisco solution to create an NFT market like SuperRare

We Clarisco Solution is one of the best NFT market development companies in the digital space. We help our customers design and improve their NFT markets. We offer standardized design and enhanced precision in product design. We create markets based on the customer's full specifications and preferences. The team is professionally experienced in the development of NFT markets such as SuperRare. We specialize in building your NFT markets on the blockchain sites you need, such as Ethereum, PolkaDot, Binance Smart Chain. Our priority is to provide security on stage. Because our sites are structured in a decentralized ecosystem, we ensure that the data and information of the platform are protected and stored securely on the blockchain. We not only provide services to NFT markets such as SuperRare but also develop markets such as OpenSea, Rarible and Nifty Gateway. We continue to provide guidance and support to our customers even after the implementation of their project in the digital marketplace. We provide 24x7 hour support to customers after deployment. Our primary goal is to make you successful in this field by guiding you to compete in the NFT market.

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FAQ(Frequently Asked Question)

Superrare is a decentralized market and social network for NFT art. It uses the Ethereum network, allowing creators to innovate their artwork and combine it with a unique and indistinguishable token. ... Also, the site offers creators a way to earn royalties after the NFT artwork is sold.

NFT Marketplace like SuperRare allows the user to collect and trade unique digital artwork.
.In the artist network, the Artist creates each and every art artwork. The artwork is secured in the Ethereunm Blockchain is created as a non-fungible token so you can able to earn on your own and trade.

Today SuperRare is our upcoming digital art market and in the future, it will become a rocket skipping company. There are sizes to support it, more than 8,123 works of art were collected, $ 1,446,436 was earned by artists, $ 471,243 was collected by collectors in the secondary market, and they have a global community in 178 countries.

Although the market for blockchain artwork is innovative, SuperRare uses a proven business model. The buyer pays a 3% transaction fee for all purchases on the platform. Artist gallery commission 15% primary sale and 10% royalty secondary sale.

Our goal is to transform SuperRare into a place with the best collector experience in digital art. An important factor in doing this is that we protect our collectors by ensuring that all works of art that are tokenized on stage are created by the artist.

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