Blockchain-enabled game Development

Gamified Blockchain can protect your game, in app transactions, and other micro-payments.


Blockchain Game Development

Conventional video games are being disrupted through games on the blockchain. The ERC721 protocol for the Ethereum based game development is becoming a trend, since the last quarter of 2017. However, it has major drawbacks, such as increased Ethereum gas prices.

Our team of blockchain enthusiasts and game developers will create a gamified blockchain that can run your game. We will use transaction attributes and private assets as the core features of the blockchain.

Blockchain Game Development Features


Blockchain will provide a solution to the current problems with gamification. Transparency can be improved by giving your users a digital asset that integrates seamlessly with developers and players.

Smart Contract

Smart contracts allow for transparency in the Role-playing game (RPG), and the gambling industry to check the winning rates for dealers. This is impossible with a central server. Each transaction that is made on a smart-contract increases its value.

The Ownership of Assets

Coded in-game assets such as skins and swords will be converted into tokens that can only be used once and are identical to real-world resources. Both developers and players can create unique characters and items with their own legacy and attributes. These assets can be bought and sold by players.

Optimized Blockchain

The distributed ledger will be used in our proposed gaming architecture to reduce block validation processing times. To ensure security and privacy, we will qualitatively assess the architecture.

Blockchain Game Development has many benefits

Compensation and Sponsorship

Games can be developed to directly link sponsors and game developers, creating new revenue streams. To increase their earnings, developers may charge minimal transaction fees.

Open Source Mentality

You can build a market and an ecosystem around your games. Developers can be incentivised to create new assets and to take ownership of the games, which will provide real compensation and allow you to monetize your ideas.

Regulated Gaming Economy

Blockchain allows developers and server owners the ability to collect royalties from items traded in their game worlds. To increase your revenue, you can charge transaction fees or commissions (fiat and cryptocurrency).


Micro-payments are easy to collect with lower fees and quicker transaction times. This will allow you to add real-world value and monetize your game assets. You can also offer subscription services that allow users to spend as much as they wish.

Reducing Revenue Loss

Blockchain games will help reduce revenue losses due to fraud by offering zero cost for failed transactions and chargebacks. Blockchain is also immutable so you can store billions of dollars in a secure environment.

In-Game Currency

Blockchain transactions will make it faster, more secure, and cheaper for developers and users. The tokens and coins will be kept in the wallet of the player. You don't have to worry about virtual currency responsibility, as it is under the control of that player.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Question)

Blockchain is the core of crypto gaming. It powers Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. A blockchain is a distributed database that can be accessed by a number of computers. It acts as a recorder system.

Store tokens such as in-game items are stored on a distributed ledger that is atop a crypto game's crypto network. This distributed ledger is known as the blockchain. It allows game products for trading for cryptocurrency that can then be transferred to real money.

To create a blockchain app, you will need to narrow down your requirements (in terms of developers, project managers etc.) between $15000 and $60000. There are two main types of rate parameters in the blockchain development industry: average and median.

How to Use Blockchain to Store Data [Multiple Options]
Interplanetary File System
Decentralized Cloud Storages.
Distributed databases
The smart way is the hashy way.

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