A Blockchain-based Remittance system can make a huge difference

A cross-border remittance Blockchain solution ensures a fast and secure trading experience.


Use a blockchain-based remittance platform to reap the benefits

Use blockchain technology to make cross-border payments. It will break down barriers and disrupt the remittance market. Blockchain money transfer allows for better asset management by clients and merchants.

Remittances - Take advantage of the power and flexibility offered by Blockchain technology

Blockchain money transfer app makes it easy to transfer money. It works across the globe. With the ability to transfer crypto to fiat, we are changing the way payment processing works. As digital currencies can be used for fiat money, money transfers via blockchain are efficient.

Because the recipient has several payout options, including Direct to Bank and Local Cash Pick-up, he can be flexible. Decentralization is a priority for us as it increases our operational efficiency.


Our blockchain payment platform is making waves for many reasons

The globally-trotting payments and remittances industry has some structural weaknesses. Participants experience high fees and delays in settlement. Our blockchain payment platform is designed to improve financial inclusion by serving the unbanked and underbanked.

Despite technological advancements and the availability of infrastructure, no remittance service provider has yet to create an interoperable platform that allows cryptocurrencies to be transferred fiat money. Our blockchain network uses Ethereum for different options, such as SWIFT and local cash payout. Through strategic partnerships, smart contracts can be accessed easily on our interoperable platform.

Learn how blockchain-based remittance services work wonders/ Find out how a cross-border remittance network works

Powered by the Ethereum blockchain, our platform allows you to send and receive money and store it in secure digital wallets to earn interest.

Option to add money

You can add leading cryptocurrencies like DAI, USDC, and EUC to your wallet by transferring funds via a P2P transfer or local bank.

Send money

Our platform makes it easy to transfer digital assets anywhere in the world within minutes.

Currency exchange

Use the P2P method to get payments directly credited to your wallet.

Withdraw money

You can cash out any currency you like at any moment. We support major currencies like the Euro, Pound, and THB.

How Cryptocurrency is Being Transformed for Remittance

We guarantee safe and speedy transfer of funds stored on Ethereum blockchain. The leading cryptocurrencies like USDC and Dai are supported by cross-border payment systems.

All of our facilities are available for you to use.

Transfer money via a peer-to-peer system

Domestic payments allow for instant settlements

A reliable blockchain Payment Platform allows for seamless withdrawals and deposits.

Our clients can maximize their income through interest earning with our flexible, decentralized financing options.

Our Blockchain Payment Platform allows for fast conversions of fiat currency to cryptocurrency.

Without needing to have any technical knowledge, users can manage their private keys with ease. Instead, you can use a simple pin code. Our asset exposure range allows for a $1000 market price for basic assets and $20000 digital assets. High-level security is also available.

Innovation through Blockchain and cross-border payments: How Blockchain is driving innovation

Through our cross-border digital payment systems and solutions, we are creating a bright future for the efficient management of digital assets.
Our customers have access to a multitude of benefits. These benefits are

Permissions are not required

It is unnecessary to go through the tedious process of verifying cards or banks.


We allow withdrawals through ATMs


In a matter of seconds, both the receivers and senders can experience the benefits associated with settlement.

It is cost-effective

Our fees are lower than other payment methods in this industry.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Question)

Using Blockchain To Improve Cross-Border Remittances. Roxe, a global open payment network, uses the Blockchain to instantly transfer value via the Roxe Chain. The company claims that the chain can also provide customizable KYC/AML solutions to financial institutions (FIs), as well as other users.

BitPesa allows individuals to transfer money across borders using digital wallets. It allows users to send and get Bitcoins and fiat currency through their bank accounts and wallets.

Veem is now one of the top fintech companies, alongside Robinhood and Circle. Veem uses Blockchain technology to make payments. Veem, a P2P platform that allows small businesses to pay each other, is designed for them. doesn't charge any fees to send cryptocurrency. However, as with all crypto transactions, you must pay a fee for the mining network.

How can I transfer funds between my Blockchain wallet and mine?
1.Login to access your Wallet.
2.Click on the Send button to select the currency to be sent.
3.Select "Blockchain Exchange" as the To address. This will automatically generate the Blockchain Exchange address needed for this transaction.
4.Enter the amount, and click Send.

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