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BakerySwap Clone Script


Nowadays, DeFi based Cryptocurrency exchange has become a trending model in business. DeFi based exchange is the predominant business model utilised by most of the startups and entrepreneurs. 

Out of all DeFi based cryptocurrency exchanges, BakerySwap exchange has gathered the attention of many entrepreneurs and startups. Moreover, most businesses are looking forward to the DeFi exchange development such as Bakeryswap.

BakerySwap is a decentralised exchange platform and Automated Market Maker (AMM) on Binance Smart Chain(BSC). It is powered by the native BakerySwap Token(BAKE). BakerySwap is a multi-functional crypto centre that offers a wide range of Defi services, along with a Non-Fungible Token(NFT) supermarket and crypto launchpad. BakerySwap platform also offers yield farming, non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, along with crypto launchpad for cryptocurrencies and NFTs. BakerySwap NFT supermarket has a huge variety of NFTs and the options to mint and sell your own NFT.

BakerySwap clone script will be the best choice for DeFi based crypto exchange business model.

BakerySwap clone script

BakerySwap clone script is a predesigned DeFi exchange software that works equivalent with the BakerySwap providing the decentralised exchange (DEX) as well as AMM services on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It allows you to start your own DeFi exchange platform over the BSC in one or two weeks. This clone will provide all necessary features, protocols and services that are presented in the preeminent BakerySwap DeFi exchange. Moreover, it also provides 360-degree information about the swaps and trades. 

BakerySwap Clone software

The BakerySwap clone software works and operates 100% similar to the BakerySwap. It helps to launch their own DeFi based DEX platform instantaneously in a cost-efficient way.  Additionally, this software is completely personalised such a way you can add any needed features and plugin to stand unique in the crowd.

How to develop a BakerySwap clone?

Creating a clone for BakerySwap is a simple process utilising BakerySwap clone script  which is a DeFi- based DEX script hosted on BSC. BakerySwap clone facilitates the user to bake and stake, produce special combos of NFT and obtains their own pets of NFT.  Since the script is deployed on the BSC network, the users can exchange all kinds of secured BEP20 tokens in an easy and smooth way.

Premium features of BakerySwap Clone

BakerySwap clone is developed with the inbuilt features that gathers the attention of users to the website which results in identification of brands and enhances the revenue. The premium features are listed below.


BakerySwap clone provides the exchange feature where the users have proficient to swap and exchange BEP 20, BNB tokens and so on. Exchanging of the token will be processed on the BSC.

Liquidity Pool

The maintenance of the liquidity pool is by users who deposit the fund in the pool. In return, the users will get in the form of BakerySwap Liquidity pool (BLP) token with the trade for all dealings done against their liquidity pool.

Affordable Price

The trade fee of the BakerySwap Clone platform is 0.3% for all transactions that take place. Liquidity providers will acquire 83% of the fee and the rest will be given to BAKE holders, that is the user who owns the native token.


By staking the BAKE or other tokens, users are able to earn more rewards without a locking period or minimum requirements. Additionally, by staking the BAKE tokens, users can also earn NFT. 

Why is it necessary to develop the DeFi exchange using BakerySwap clone Script?

  • This cone script is completely based on the trustable BSC network.

  • The clone script is easily manageable because it comes with the recent user console and admin dashboard.

  • The fully branded DeFi exchange platform like BakerySwap can be developed and deployed within a few days.

  • This script is developed with updated functionalities as per the recent standard in the market.

  • It is easily operable with secure API integration

  • This clone script is open for customization to alter the features and one of the best DeFi exchanges for food themes in the market.

What is the working process of BakerySwap clones?

  • The clone script of BakerySwap works on BSC to eliminate the Ethereum high gas fees and recurrent network congestion.

  • The process of BakerySwap will be similar to the conventional NFT market for artists among their community to enlist their artwork.

  • BakerySwap clone will use a fully decentralised autonomous organisation same as the BakerySwap.

  • The special function of BakerySwap is to neglect the order book to match sellers and buyers instead it uses the AMM model.

  • Users will trade against the Liquidity Pool and the assets that are presented in each pool are provided by users and supporters of the BakerySwap clone website. 

  • Users who add liquidity to these polls will get liquidity provider (LP) tokens in exchange based on their share of the pool.

  • Users have the capability to convert these LP tokens into original tokens that they supplied.

Add on modules that will present in the BakerySwap Clone software

NFT Marketplace

BakerySwap clone script serves as the important NFT marketplace platform development on BSC. It helps to allocate a reasonable amount of assets for trading purposes. BakerySwap offers two different NFT markets: one is  for all the users and other is designed for the selected artists, works and celebrity drops. 

Bakery Gallery

It is a highly stabilised bakery environment marketplace with the mission and motive of fascinating more artists and collectors in a single place. Users can gain any kind of NFT’s inside the bakery gallery. 


BSC game box is a new concept in gamification especially for the SOCCER and POKER token holders. They also consist of big gaming partners such as battle pets, alien world and my neighbour alice. 


Launchpad is a platform that is used for hosting IDOs, which is used to create the BakerySwap clone script. An IDO defines the launching of cryptocurrency on DEX.

Why choose Clarisco for BakerySwap clone script?

Clarisco is the well-known and leading DeFi exchange clone script provider in the blockchain industry and we are a pioneer in offering world-class DeFi exchange clone development services. If you are planning to launch a successful food-themed DeFi exchange on the BSC network, then our BakerySwap clone script is the perfect solution for initiating your dream DeFi business. Our premium BakerySwap clone script comes with 100% customization and it is highly responsive.The script we offer is secure, scalable, glitch-free, and protected with tamper-proof security modules to safeguard your DeFi exchange platform.

We have well experienced blockchain developers in creating blockchain solutions on decentralised exchange platforms like binance smart chain. By the way they have strong knowledge of who can create a DeFi decentralised exchange like Bakeryswap along with current updated features. Hire our blockchain developers and build your DeFi exchange platform successfully.

Join the crypto revolution and start your BakerySwap journey today!

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