IDO-(Initial DEX Offering) Alternative to ICO Services Company

A fundraising opportunity for your Decentralized exchange platform which represents your digital asset. In IDO the investors never own any share from the equity in the projects. On the traditional startup, they receive funds from the investors as in the same way the IDO (Initial Dex Offering) issues the same process.


Fundraiser In Your Decentralised (DEX) Platform

The new epoch of digital assets that experience the significance of blockchain technology with the distributed ledger system that offers robust security for your digital assets that enrapture investors to digitize money and manage their digital assets.

Investors towards the blockchain industries that provoke the entrepreneurs and the innovators plunge into the development of decentralized exchange (DEX) platforms. The decentralization of the blockchain offers fundraising opportunities to contribute to the empowerment of blockchain in the decentralized exchange.


What is an IDO (Initial Dex Offering)

Nothing but, An IDO is a token that launches a project through the application of decentralization and then IDO tokens that represent the digital assets in the exchange of decentralization. This IDO assists you to make a better decision over the digital assets. The assets can be in any form like cryptocurrency, videos, music albums, or any other documents.


The crucial point of IDO is fundraising. With the monotonous process, traditional fundraising is followed by banks. Through the token sale, many companies in the blockchain raise the funds. The entire progression of blockchain is success in the cryptocurrency that facilitates and multiplies the business development of opportunities.

Variation methods to make and sell the token for the fundraising are namely Security Token Offering (STO), Initial Exchange Offering (IEO), Initial Coin Offering (ICO), and one of the exclusive methods is Initial Dex Offering (IDO).

Benefits of IDO (Initial Dex Offering)

Fair Fundraising Methodology

The private investors buy a large number of tokens at a low price and then wait when the value of the token will reach the high value, the tokens go for a public sale. The IDO is an immediate fundraising token development with liquidity which is unlike traditional fundraising methods.

Immediate Trading

The investors start trading the token at the jiffy of the project launch and then the early buyers of the tokens prospect to sell their tokens at the higher value of IDO. When the first investors start to buy a token the price starts to move at the jiff.

Lower Cost

For deploying a smart contract the gas fee is only very few euros when the project uses the liquidity exchange. The assets of the token and the liquidity pool takes control by the smart contract.

Immediate Liquidity

The crucial point of a token is liquidity. The token value will be ruinous when the token does not provide immediate liquidity. At every price level, the liquidity pool offers liquidity without ignominy.

Initial Liquidity Offering

The popular options of launching new tokens the initial liquidity offers appear. The project developers need to wait for a long time to release their tokens in the traditional exchange. The ILO (Initial Liquidity Offering) has an attractive option and features for releasing the token.

Steps to launch your IDO (Initial DEX Offering)

Build Strategy

Pioneer your product with the tactical approach to benefit the users to extemporize your decentralized exchange platform.

Pursuit your White paper

Illustrate your innovative project to attract investors to fund your projects.

Launch your IDO (Initial DEX Offering)

For immediate fundraising launch your IDO tokens.

Build Token value

Make use of your token in the market first and build your token value that offers utility services.

Governance Token

To contribute and develop your platform governance token is beneficial to the user with authority.

Ready to serve

Raise your token value and services with impending features of blockchain technology.

IDO Marketing Service

Marketing is one of the irresistible services that bring clarity and transparency to your business. With the pre-eminent records, it's easy to raise the fund value for your company.

Clarisco plays a memorable role in developing and marketing for start-ups with a tactical approach and they build trust among the investors and invest in your projects.


Our Point of view to launch your IDO:

Drafting Whitepaper

Glossy and compendious comprehensive services introduce your new projects in the crypto markets.

Strategy and Roadmap

The roadmap and the strategy envision the path of the product and that helps secure the stakeholders.

Coin Development

Credible and demonstrate a solution for secure customized token development.


We implement an expertise idea hamster to ensure a successful product launch.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Question)

Initial DEX Offering (IDO)
An IDO is an ICT fundraising method that allows a token or coin to be issued through a decentralized exchange (DEX). ... Instead of exchanges tokens being vetted by vocal community members, then tokens issued via IDO can be listed on a DEX.

A DEX initial offering (or IDO) refers to the launch of a cryptocurrency on a DEX. An IDO is when a blockchain project makes its first public appearance on a DEX to raise funds from retail investors. ... Very limited control over the parameters of a token sale.

IEOs and IDOs can both be listed on exchanges (decentralized exchanges or DEXs in the case of the former) but IDOs are much more DIY-friendly than ICOs. The amount of money raised is the main difference between IDOs & ICOs.

After the IDO is completed and the TGE is conducted, the token can be listed immediately for trading on a decentralized platform. This happens most often on Uniswap because the majority of projects still use Ethereum and their tokens follow the ERC20 protocol standard.

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