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Security Token Offering (or just STO) is the most innovative and secure way to raise funds or offer shares of your company using blockchain technology.


Security Token Offering (STO)

The blockchain is disrupting the approach we have a tendency to do things, not solely business and money transactions. The tamper-proof technology permits to hold on and share data within the most secure approach through a decentralized system for the investors to trust the financial set-up additional.

Qualified by the Howey check and subject to federal securities and rules, security tokens are virtual currency backed by a tangible and tradable quality, giving liquidity to investors.

Security tokens empower investors with money rights such as

Buy-back rights

Types of STO

Equity Token

Each token is backed by stock in your company, giving equal rights to the token holders in terms of ballot and dividends.

Asset Tokenization

Real-world commodities like gold, industrial assets, and even art. they're going to duplicate the tokens of your STO.

Debt Token

If you wish to merely raise funds, it's doable to issue a security token with the promise of payback to coin holders.

Types of Asset Tokenization


Tokenization of economic real states will build your real-world investments accessible digitally and globally.


Artists and galleries will take pleasure in tokenization of art giving half possession of art items to the token holders and adding price and cash to the piece.

Stable Coins

For those that hail stable coins because of the goblet of the digital currency market, in quality tokenization, they're conjointly choice.

Venture Capital Funds

With tokenization, coin holders will keep track of theirs Investments Funds while not the requirement of a mediator.

Illiquid Asset

Not each quality will be quickly born-again to money, current, fastened, or perhaps intangible, for example. with no loss of import, is feasible to tokenize it and even increase mercantilism volume..

Mining Repository

This is one of the foremost illiquid assets and ideal for the tokenization business. Gold, silver or renewable energy backed by tokens are the future of goods.

Security Token Offering Services

At Clarisco, we tend to don't simply develop, we have a tendency to be pioneers in Security Token Platforms.

The growth of crypto into quality tokenization could be a natural progression since it permits ancient assets and commodities to move in the blockchain, giving coin holders the liquidity that was missing within the digital world. And with oversized expertise in ICO launch, serving to raise quite $700 million in forty-two completed comes, Clarisco is currently moving to the most recent and safest approach of token providing. We provide the foremost complete service of STO within the market, from building a network to selling it. we tend to conjointly offer our shopper security token offerings consultive and consulting

STO Development

The ERC-20 technology from the Ethereum Blockchain, which has been accustomed implement tokens, doesn't fulfil the necessities for the asset-backed and securities-backed tokens. Gas price, congestion within the network, and protocol problems are a number of the issues.

To overcome these barriers, Clarisco develops bespoken climbable blockchain and sensible contracts to suit the shopper et al platforms.

The development of the network conjointly includes options as wrongfully compliant tokens, world investors participation, additional transparency to the transactions and wallets for the token holders.

STO Exchange Platform

Clarisco security exchange development team aims to form a secure exchange platform, reliables, and functions.

With all the new technologies is feasible to make a quality token exchange that complies with SEC rules, creating all the method safe and legal.

STO Marketing

Marketing is one of the keys to an eminent STO Launch. it's necessary to create investors to apprehend and perceive your vision so that they will feel secure and bound of the investment they're doing during a wrongfully compliant approach.

Our team of consultants in selling and blockchain technology can work along to form the most effective strategy to assist you to reach your goals.

Tokenized quality Offerings (TAO) Development

Tokenized quality providing (TAO) paves the approach for the money market to manoeuvre into blockchain world mistreatment machine-controlled KYC/AML, capitalist verification, and absolutely clear ballot rights.

Equity Token Offering (ETO) Development

Being able to issue equity tokens allows all legally registered companies to tokenize their assets and raise some funds in a crowdfunding-like mechanism. Equity Tokens guarantee equity-like rights for all the investors, such as voting

Tokenization Features

Programmable Equity
Fractionalization larger assets
Increase in Liquidity
Automated SEC Compliant
Secure Wallet
Global Capital Investment
Greater market efficiency
No Intermediaries
Customized Blockchain
Tailored Smart Contracts

Benefits of tokenization

Automated Dividends
Voting rights
Profit share rights
Automated SEC Compliant
Buyback Rights
Cash Flow
Other funds holdings

FAQ(Frequently Asked Question)

How to create a security code and manage an STO
Section 1: Determine the rights that the security token grants.
Section 2: Select the jurisdiction in which you want to operate.
Section 3: Select a platform for issuing security tokens.
Section 4: Create the token.
Section 5: Make the security token offer.

Security Token Offerings (STOs), which combine blockchain technology with the requirements for regulated securities markets, are designed to increase liquidity and availability of finance. STOs typically involve the issuance of digital tokens in a Blockchain environment as regulated securities.

STOs are more trustworthy and mature than ICOs. While the ICO space is shrinking, STOs are seeing significant growth. This is a continuing trend. Broker-dealers, who are also supervised and licensed by regulatory bodies, are expected to trade security tokens.

STO requires that a company does a lot of compliance work before it can be used. However, anyone can participate in an ICO if local laws allow it. Only fully compliant companies can sell or buy securities tokens.

STOs allow the issuance of digital tokens on blockchain under the regulation of securities. They grant the token owner the right to the assets promised in the security.

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