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Easily launch our own running token pools at our Polkastarter fundraising Platform. In the field of blockchain applications, we are working as a ladder to improve fundraising platforms instead of a blockchain. Experience and interest in blockchain technology open up significant opportunities for customers.


Introduces a New Fundraising Platform like Polkastarter

At the Clarisco Solution, we are about to launch a fundraising platform like Polkastarter which mainly covers aspects of the Polkadot protocol. The ability to integrate into decentralized financial plans has become a significant feature. The idea of ​​being bound to a single blockchain Platform is quickly rejected as projects are expected to integrate with multiple blockchain Platforms to unlock multiple essential features. Polkastarter has become one of the latest projects to be integrated with Polkadot, which has been occupying the world since the storm.

What is a Polkastarter?

Polkastarter is a cross-chain decentralized exchange platform that allows startups and businesses to attract capital through auctions and integrated blockchain token pools. This crypto project is built on the Polkadot protocol network, integrated with Ethereum, and the Polkastarter Platform serves as a comprehensive fundraising platform for upcoming crypto-based projects.

What is fundraising?

In fundraising, people raise money for a company or a project. Investors who invest in this process receive rewards in the form of digital property or physical property. We provide fundraising Platform development services to our clients, create financial facilities and increase investment returns. We are working with Polkadot to create a fundraising platform like Polkastarter.

Features of Our Fundraising Platform in Businesses


This platform allows trading and financial transactions through various blockchains and allows access to information through various platforms. The fundraising platform allows you to interact with other platforms without any intermediaries.


Our platform provides unprecedented economic measurement by launching security through multiple blockchains. It provides transaction scaling by generating transactions across multiple blockchains.

Low Transaction Cost

Our fundraising platform charges a lower transaction fee when cryptocurrencies are transferred from one wallet to another.

Sophisticated Management

Our platform has a sophisticated management system where all users have a voice. Updates made on the network are integrated into the chain and automatically generated, ensuring the growth of our fundraising platform.

High-Level Security

The chain of our data availability and verification processes allows us to live technically with each other. Chains are independent in their management and united in their protection.


We can upgrade our fundraising platform without the difficult fork to add new features or fix bugs. This feature allows the platform to adapt to variations and improve itself when better platforms are available.


At our fundraising platform, we help place tokens to receive stocking rewards on various platforms, and our main goal is to provide access to cash-flow providers in high-level pools.

Liquidity Mining

Our platform will have its currency at stake to participate in cash mining. In secondary markets, the distribution of rewards is implemented to companies that provide cash flow in other segments.


Why is our Fundraising Platform a Game-Changer?

At Clarisco Solution, we have developed an excellent cross-chain decentralized platform that accurately balances the speed and convenience of a centralized transaction and the security features of a decentralized transaction. Our main goal in the blockchain application industry is to bring Diffie to the masses by creating a user-friendly product.

Our fundraising platform was primarily created to deal with traditional decentralized transactions such as low transaction speeds and high transaction fees. The products we create on this platform focus on opportunities, integration for high volume trading, free transactions and integration of high tech-based trading bots and other unique features.

Blockchain is one of the Best Companies in the Processor Industry Provide Fundraising Platform Development Services

In the field of blockchain applications, we are working as a ladder to improve fundraising platforms instead of a blockchain. Experience and interest in blockchain technology open up significant opportunities for customers. Our innovative and experienced developers will ensure the creation of a stable and solid fundraising platform to meet the needs of customers. Our team will ensure that you are at the forefront of fundraising platforms and compete with other crypto projects.

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FAQ(Frequently Asked Question)

Polkastarter, a cross-chain, decentralized exchange platform that allows startups and businesses to raise capital through auctions and interoperable token pools. This crypto project uses the Polkadot protocol network, which is integrated with Ethereum. The polkastarter platform serves as a decentralized fundraising platform to raise funds for upcoming crypto projects.

In fundraising, the money is raised from a large number of people to fund a company or a project. The investors who invest in this process, receive rewards which can be in the form of a digital asset or a physical asset. We provide fundraising platform development services to the client for creating a platform where funding is made easy and the return of investment is maximized. We are working on creating a fundraising platform that is similar to polkastarter where Polkadot is the core.