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Crypto Exchange Script

Bithumb Clone Script to Initiate a Exchange Like Bithumb


What is Bithumb?

Bithumb is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Seoul, Korea, that was founded in 2013. BTC Korea.Com Co. Ltd. is the entity in charge of the exchange. Bithumb, which mostly serves Korean consumers, allows bitcoin trading coupled with the South Korean Won (KRW). While Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency, Bithumb also accepts a variety of other cryptocurrencies. Bithumb's trading volume is among the highest recorded by any cryptocurrency exchange in Korea. In terms of Bitcoin trading volume, it is also one of the top exchanges in the world. Aside from Korean, the Bithumb website is also available in English, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, and Spanish.

Services Offered by Bithumb

Bithumb customers can trade in a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Ripple, and many others.
Bithumb Cash is a unique feature of Bithumb that represents the entire cash in users' accounts. This Cash may be used to make both online and offline payments.
The Bithumb bitcoin exchange also offers auto trading and staking services.
Bithumb offers new customers a free voucher for their first trade and transaction when they sign up.
Bithumb boasts the lowest cryptocurrency trading cost in South Korea, at an average of 0.04 percent.
For institutional account users with substantial trading volumes, Bithumb Prime is a special service accessible.
There's even a dedicated app for it.
Bithumb API services are also accessible.
All of these services and products are included in our Bithumb Clone script, and can be modified, removed and replaced however you want.

How to start a crypto exchange like bithumb?

Generally, there are two ways to start a crypto exchange. The first, and most tedious way, is to code everything from scratch. This method is not recommended because it requires a high level of technical and programming knowledge. Even if you have that level of expertise, or hired someone else to do it for you, the process is time consuming and prone to errors. That’s why we recommend the second method, by using a white label Bithumb clone script. A white label clone script is basically a replica of an existing piece of software, that is sold by an entity with no branding or brand identity, which can then be purchased by another entity and branded as their own. This method has several advantages, such as rapid development and deployment, pre-tested bug free software, etc.

Bithumb Clone Script

The business model followed by Bithumb has proved to be a successful one, and the services offered by the company are very popular among users. The platform has developed a cult-like fanbase thanks to this. In an attempt to recreate this effect for our clients, we developed a white label Bithumb clone script with all the expected functionality, customizability and security that is required for such a task.

Bithumb Clone App

Our Bithumb Clone comes with support for both Android and iOS applications. The safe and secure apps follow the same design language as the website, and all the features and services provided on the website can also be found on the application interface. The bug-free and lightweight applications are the best option for people who want to trade and stay up to date while on the go.

Features of our Bithumb Clone Script

Trading Accounts

Users create a Level 1 account when they sign up for an account on the Bithumb clone platform. This account comes with cheap trading costs and a wide range of services and features. Users who wish to trade in huge volumes, on the other hand, must register an institutional account. This is for huge businesses and corporations. They have access to exclusive Prime features as well as reduced trading costs. Users must provide extra identification evidence and verification papers in order to sign up for a high trading volume account.

User Interface

The user interface is highly intuitive and simple to use, making the crypto exchange suitable for both beginners and expert users. When going between tabs and content pages on the website, there is never any latency or malfunction. The order book is presented on the right of the screen on the Bithumb clone exchange platform’s interface, while all supported assets are displayed on the left. The order book displays the current currency purchase and sell rates at any given time. The crypto exchange also updates prices with real-time market data on a regular basis.

Fees & Charges

In comparison to other cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea, Bithumb offers one of the lowest trading costs. For every KRW and BTC market trading, the maker charge or taker fee varies from 0.04 percent to 0.25 percent. The actual trading costs are determined by the type of coupon obtained. The design of the fee structure of our Bithumb clone is completely up to the purchaser of the script, and we will make any and all changes to the code which are necessary to accommodate their needs.

Deposit and Withdrawal 

The original Bithumb trading platform exclusively takes cryptocurrency and KRW as payment methods. Most Bithumb evaluations highlight that the exchange's support of just Korean fiat money has been a source of concern. However, our clone script can handle any kind of payment method, and this too can be modified according to your needs.

Accepted Payment Methods

To begin trading, users must first create a Bithumb account and verify their identity. Cryptocurrency and fiat money may both be used to finance trading accounts. Although only fiat cash in the form of KRW is accepted in the original platform, our clone can be changed to support multiple currencies. Credit card and debit card payments, as well as transfers from digital wallets, are also accepted.

Security & Privacy

For a long time, we've been striving to improve our excellent security procedures. The Bithumb clone comes with a wide variety of security measures. Users who do not have an account will not be allowed to trade. There is also an OTP verification mechanism for account opening and trading. The platform also provides an ISMS solution to help them protect their clients' sensitive data and digital assets.

The Bithumb clone also has a trade monitoring system in place that works 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure that no market manipulations, security red flags, or unethical trading activities are taking place on the platform. In order to avoid data breaches and digital asset theft, users are also advised not to share their account details with strangers.

Customer Support

Our customer support service is always available. Users can access their customer service teams 24 x 7. There is a live chat option on the Bithumb clone website for users to ask any questions about trades. 

In conclusion,

The Bithumb clone script offers an easy and effective trading experience and top notch security, making it suitable to operate on a global scale. Our clone script is perfectly capable of competing with top crypto exchanges, and is an affordable option for would-be investors and entrepreneurs.

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