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Invest in the future by launching a ground-breaking peer-to-peer Bitcoin Exchange Platform that seamlessly links Bitcoin buyers and sellers on a global scale.


Launch a P2P Crypto Exchange like LocalBitcoins Today!

Bitcoin has revolutionized the way we view money and has taken the world by storm. The increasing number of cryptocurrencies has given rise to multiple crypto exchanges like Binance & Coinbase. These exchanges allow you to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies via multiple payment methods. LocalBitcoins is one such crypto exchange that has the ability to support numerous cryptos and services on a global scale.

LocalBitcoins supports OTC trading through which users can buy, sell & trade cryptocurrencies directly without third-party interference. To build a futuristic cryptocurrency exchange like LocalBitcoins in a matter of days, you will need a fully-featured, reliable LocalBitcoins clone script that can be effortlessly personalized. This is exactly what our phenomenal LocalBitcoins clone script offers.

Partake In The Awesome Crypto Era By Launching A Sublime Crypto Exchange Like Localbitcoins Today!
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What is LocalBitcoins Clone Script?

LocalBitcoins Clone Script is a ready-to-use P2P crypto exchange clone script that is incorporated with stunning features and an awe-inspiring user interface adequate enough to entice your potential crypto trading community. Our LocalBitcoins Clone Script is enriched with numerous APIs that help users trade without breaking a sweat. With a powerful trading engine, buy or sell cryptocurrencies in a flash!. On the lookout for a highly exclusive crypto exchange to take hold of your future in the crypto world? Our one-of-a-kind LocalBitcoins Clone Script is your ultimate solution!.

Features of LocalBitcoins Clone Script

Swift Trading
Escrow Service
World-class Security
Multi-crypto Wallet
Zero Anonymity
Exclusive Launchpad
Multi-Language Support
Liquidity API
OTC Trading Option
In-built Chat Box
Margin Trading

How Does Our LocalBitcoins Clone work?

To start trading on our LocalBitcoins clone app, the user needs to register and create an account.


Search for ads by providing the required details like the amount you want to buy & your location

Choose the payment method. The clone lists the Bitcoin traders in your region.

Select the trader with a good reputation and click on ‘buy’ to view more details about the ad.

Select the traders with a good reputation.

Accept the trading terms to continue with the trade or go back if you disagree and choose another ad.

Satisfied with terms? Enter the crypto quantity you want to buy, enter a message for seller & accept the terms.

Now pay for the cryptos you bought. The seller verifies if your payment has been received or not.

Once verified, the bitcoins are released from your escrow wallet and are instantly available in the LocalBitcoins wallet.


Send your Bitcoins to your LocalBitcoins wallet.

Search for ‘quick sell’ option and enter the amount you want to sell.

Select the payment method and choose a trader with a good reputation.

Click on ‘sell’ and accept the terms to continue with trade or go back if you want to choose another offer.

Satisfied with the terms? Enter the crypto quantity you want to sell, enter a message for buyer & accept the terms.

Cryptos will be transferred to the escrow. The buyer will ask for your payment details to pay you.

Received the payment? Confirm the same. Bitcoins from escrow will be sent to the buyer’s LocalBitcoins wallet.

LocalBitcoins Clone Software Development

Our LocalBitcoins Clone Script Software is a rigorously tested replica of LocalBitcoins- a leading cryptocurrency exchange. As one of the most acclaimed cryptocurrency exchange development companies, we offer enterprise-grade crypto exchange clone scripts. Packed with impressive features, our peer-to-peer crypto exchange script allows you to launch an immensely captivating cryptocurrency exchange that can be handily customized and launched into the global crypto arena in a trice!

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Benefits of Launching a Cryptocurrency Exchange like LocalBitcoins

Reputation System for Screening Users
Access to a Global Network
Elevated Level of Liquidity
No Limits on Trading
Largest Member Pool
Multi-Language Support
Buy/Sell Cryptos for Fiat Currency or Vice-Versa
Escrow-Powered P2P System
Wide Range of Payment Option

LocalBitcoins Clone App Development

The ease of access and personalized experience that mobile apps deliver is why users prefer mobile apps over desktop apps. Our LocalBitcoins Clone App is a ready-to-launch peer-to-peer crypto exchange app integrated with state-of-the-art features available in the LocalBitcoins cryptocurrency exchange and more. With compatibility across multiple platforms, our LocalBitcoins Clone App allows you to trade at your convenience. At Clarisco Solutions, we develop avant-garde LocalBitcoins Clone apps that are robust, secure, and cost-effective. Get your all-exclusive LocalBitcoins Clone App today!

Security features of our LocalBitcoins Clone Script

Two-Factor Authentication

Why stop with simple security such as username and password? We offer Two-Factor Authentication (2FA )which adds an additional layer of security to your LocalBitcoins crypto exchange by requiring an OTP to log in to your crypto exchange account.

KYC/AML Verification

This feature is crucial for any cryptocurrency exchange whether centralized or decentralized. KYC/AML verification helps in identifying the users and restricting fraudulent activities.

Jail Login

Jail login protects your crypto exchange account by locking it for some time in case incorrect credentials have been entered multiple times to log in to your account.

Biometric Authentication

Biometric authentication is a unique form of authentication implemented for mobile applications to authenticate any user before allowing them to enter any user account. As of now, fingerprints and facial recognition are being used for this purpose.

Escrow-Enable System

Since escrows are trusted third parties, they are responsible for carrying out crypto traders between the users in a safe and secure manner. These third parties keep an eye on all the activities being performed by users while trading cryptocurrencies.

CSRF Protection

Cross-Site Request Forgery(CSRF) is a web security vulnerability through which attackers persuade users to execute an activity that they didn’t intend to. CSRF Protection safeguards your LocalBitcoins Clone from such attacks.

Anti-DDoS Protection

A Denial of Service (DoS) attack makes the application nonexistent or degrades the quality of the application. Our Anti-DDoS Protection feature protects the LocalBitcoins Clone from such an attack and makes sure that the application is available 24/7.

Dispute Management System

This is one of the core features of our LocalBitcoins Clone. A Dispute Management System helps in managing any disputes between the buyers and sellers while making cryptocurrency trades.

HTTPS Authentication

HTTPS Authentication is a simple authentication method that requires the user to provide the username and password while accessing the application or website.

Why Choose Our LocalBitcoins Clone Script?

Clarisco Solutions, a renowned cryptocurrency exchange development company has already well-established itself in the global crypto space. With a flourishing clientele, Clarisco Solutions continues to contribute to the tech world with innovative solutions. With a team of professional developers, skilled in diverse technologies, we offer rigidly tested, bug-free solutions. Acquire our tried-and-true LocalBitcoins Clone Script today and take hold of your future!

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FAQ(Frequently Asked Question)

LocalBitcoins is an escrow-powered peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange that connects cryptocurrency buyers and sellers within a given geographical location. Now trade in an instant with traders nearby you through an immensely secure crypto exchange.

LocalBitcoins Clone Script is a ready-to-use P2P crypto exchange clone script that is incorporated with stunning features and an awe-inspiring user interface adequate enough to entice your potential crypto trading community.

It will take a couple of days to launch a LocalBitcoins-like Cryptocurrency Exchange utilizing our cutting-edge LocalBitcoins Clone Script. This time span, however, may vary based on your needs.

Reputation System

Access to a Global Network

Elevated Level of Liquidity

Complete Access to Source Code

Multi-Language Support

Escrow-Powered P2P System

Wide Range of Payment Options & more

The cost of developing a LocalBitcoins-like Cryptocurrency Exchange might vary based on the level of sophistication demanded by clients. As one of the pioneers of Cryptocurrency Exchange development, we are acknowledged for our cost-effective solutions.

Swift Trading

Escrow Service

World-class Security

Multi-crypto Wallet

Multi-Language Support


OTC Trading Option

In-built Chat Box

Margin Trading

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