Airbnb Clone Script


What is the Airbnb Clone Script?

App and software development has come a long way in recent years and clone scripts are proof of that. Clone scripts represent an exact replica of a pre-existing software or application that can be modified as required. The Airbnb clone script is one such ready-to-launch replica of the renowned vacation rental app, Airbnb. Airbnb allows property owners to rent out their properties to tourists searching for a place to stay. Brimming with astounding features and functionalities, Airbnb Clone Script is your one-stop solution to the global vacation rental market.

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How Does Our Airbnb Clone Script Work?

In order to utilize the Airbnb Clone, the user needs to create an account or login into the account if he/she already has one. Once logged in, the user (as host) lists his/her property details or searches for various places (as a guest) to book it. As a host, the user needs to accept the booking and respond within 24 hrs. If the user is the guest, he/she needs the host's approval in order to make the payment. Both the guest and the host can check out each other's reviews before going ahead with the booking or the confirmation, respectively.

The host has the option to accept or reject the guest’s booking. If the host rejects your booking, the guest will not be charged. In case the host approves, the guest can go ahead with the payment using the clone's online payment platform. The payment made by the guest will be transferred to the host once the guest has completed the stay. Also, the Airbnb clone allows the host and the guest to communicate directly over the Airbnb clone and remain updated from the beginning to the end of the stay.

Stunning Benefits That Our Airbnb Clone Script Delivers


Instant Launch

As our Airbnb clone script is a ready-to-launch solution with all the basic features and functionalities of the world-renowned app and website - Airbnb, it can be launched in a matter of hours.


Revenue Generation

Whenever we start work, we spend a lot of time analyzing the collected requirements. This allows us to create a clear project outline and deliver it on time.


Fully Customizable

Our Airbnb clone script is immensely scalable and can be customised as required by you. Need additional features added to the existing clone script? Worry not. Our in-house team of developers has years of expertise and can perform the necessary modifications in a jiffy.



Building an application or software similar to Airbnb from the ground up requires a lot of resources. This in return can prove quite expensive. But when it comes to our Airbnb clone script, you can launch an Airbnb-like app in a matter of hours. Even if you need it customised, it will hardly take a couple of days.


Improved User Experience

Being a renowned Airbnb clone script provider, we have years of expertise in developing solutions incorporated with striking UI/UX, enough to entice the users towards your application in a single glimpse. Our Airbnb clone script allows users across the globe to seamlessly access the solution.


International Footprint

Our Airbnb clone script provides multi-language support. This allows users across the globe to utilize your solution and in turn, aids you in establishing a global presence. Users have the freedom to use the platform in a language of their choice, without any restriction.

Our Airbnb Clone Script is Available As

Android Application
iOS Application
Web Application

Exclusive Features Of Our Airbnb Clone Script - Website

Host Verification

Our Airbnb clone website will verify the host prior to registering property in order to avoid any negative events in the future.

Property Listing Status

The hosts will be kept informed regarding the status of the listing. This is because the property once listed is marked as 'Awaiting Approval' once registered over our Airbnb clone website. The host is notified as soon as the application gets approved.

Subscription Plan

Hosts can promote their properties over our Airbnb clone website by utilizing subscription packs. On the basis of the subscription packs, the property will be listed for a particular term with unique privileges.

Map & Location Search

Our Airbnb clone website is incorporated with a powerful search engine that allows users to check out various listings according to their requirements. Clarisco Airbnb clone website is location-based, which aids users to search for their ideal property over maps.

Online Payment Option

Being a peer-to-peer platform, our Airbnb clone website allows users to make bookings and payments through the site itself. Additionally, robust payment features make our website seamless to use. These online payments are secured using powerful security features in-built into our Airbnb clone website.


Peer-to-peer platforms such as Airbnb work purely upon trust among strangers. To ensure that the users are trustworthy, our Airbnb clone website provides a two-sided review functionality. Reviews boost trust amongst users and quality reviews uplift sales in return.

Booking Management

Whenever a property listing is booked, any vacation rental website should be able to automatically display if the property is available for the booking period or not. This is what our phenomenal Airbnb clone script provides. This helps the users to make the most of the website, carry out successful transactions, and avoid double-bookings.

Admin Tools

Any platform similar to Airbnb requires continuous monitoring and management, on a daily basis. Our Airbnb clone website allows you to send alerts to users, censor user-generated material like profiles and listings, limit user access, examine your transaction procedures, and so on as a marketplace administrator.

Price Bar Chart

This simple feature provides users with an initial overview of the price range available for their search. Our Airbnb clone script allows users to narrow down the price range while still assuring a high number of results.

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Prominent Features Of Our Airbnb Clone Script - Mobile App

Instant Messaging

This feature of our Airbnb clone app allows guests and hosts to connect quickly within the mobile app, ensuring a speedy response to questions concerning the property featured on the Airbnb clone app.


This feature ensures that the hosts are notified of anything that requires their attention. It also offers travelers with in-app alerts. The Airbnb clone app alerts travelers of any modifications to their bookings or communications from hosts. This feature ensures that visitors do not miss any essential changes on the app itself.

Transaction History

Travelers no longer need to log in to the website in order to view the transaction history on the Airbnb clone. They may simply view it on the move by using our Airbnb-like mobile app.

Property Listing

Make bookings on the go. Even when traveling, travelers can make reasonable decisions based on the thorough property listing feature on our Airbnb clone app.

Search and Filters

Travelers can use this option to look into various houses, flats, or hotels that are available for rent. This option allows travelers to search for rental houses based on several parameters such as property type, amenities, geography, and so on.

Curated Wishlists

Travelers can now effortlessly select and save a particular location they want to visit using our Airbnb clone app's Wishlist feature.

Geo-Specific Filters

This feature is a crucial one, especially because our Airbnb clone app is location-based. Geo-specific filters allow choices to appear only if they are relevant to a guest's desired destination.

Things To Do

While on a journey, the Airbnb clone app recommends to users regarding various local activities that are available while they are visiting the place. This helps users to make the most of the trip without depending on real-life travel guides.

On-Trip Help

This feature acts as a crucial way that delivers visitors and hosts the most relevant information during their journey. Remain updated regarding the nearby events on the go!

Interactive Dashboard

Admins receive a 360-degree (graphical data) view of all reservations on the Airbnb clone application by using this dashboard option. Being highly interactive, even beginners can access the dashboard flawlessly.


Why Choose Clarisco Airbnb Clone Script?

At Clarisco, a pioneer in designing and developing Next-Gen applications, we strive to provide solutions that not only help you make great leaps but also safeguard your future with abiding solutions of tomorrow. We are committed to helping our clients in achieving their objectives, personalizing their experiences, offering an innovative ambiance, and making a difference. At the end of the day, our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction. Leverage our Airbnb Clone Script today!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Clone scripts represent an exact replica of a pre-existing software or application that can be modified as required. The Airbnb clone script is one such ready-to-launch replica of the renowned vacation rental app, Airbnb.

Airbnb allows property owners to rent out their properties to tourists searching for a place to stay.

Our Airbnb clone script is fully customizable. You can add any number of features and functionalities to the script.

Our Airbnb clone script is fully customizable. You can add any number of features and functionalities to the script.

With a pre-built Airbnb clone script such as ours, you can build a website or app like Airbnb in a matter of hours. This time might vary as per your requirements.

Yes, we are available round-the-clock to help you out with your queries.

The cost to develop an app like Airbnb varies on the basis of your requirements. However, we are known for our economical solutions and services.

Yes, that can be done by utilizing our Airbnb clone script. However, in case additional features are requested, this time might vary. With our expertise, we can help you launch your Airbnb clone app within 48 hrs.