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White Label Crypto Exchange

Must-Know Factors for Starting a White-Label Crypto Exchange Platform


If I am not wrong, everyone might be heard about cryptocurrencies. Typically, cryptocurrencies have begun to alter the functioning of various businesses because they will have a significant impact in the future. In the current circumstances, every business owner is willing to invest in a scalable cryptocurrency exchange platform, and it has also become a more profitable business for them.

There are numerous crypto trading websites accessible on the market nowadays. Everyone wants to know about the many types of cryptocurrency exchanges, the costs of development, and the fundamentals of crypto exchanges. 

Cryptocurrency trading is drawing more people and businesses than ever before since the potential gains can far outweigh traditional financial assets. The tendency is projected to continue as the sector expands into this exciting and lucrative new sphere.

There is no better time than now to capitalize on the phenomenal growth in the crypto exchange business, with some of the top bitcoin exchanges continuing to produce millions of dollars in sales.

Let’s discuss the meaning of Cryptocurrency exchange. In general, cryptocurrency exchanges are online marketplaces where you can trade your digital assets at market value. It operates as a go-between for customers and traders of virtual currency.

What is a white-label cryptocurrency exchange?

The white-label crypto exchange is a platform that is easily conceived, created, and ready for deployment. Moreover, the white label crypto exchange is ready to customize and helps to launch a cryptocurrency exchange platform and provides you to launch your own cryptocurrency exchange platform brand. 

The white-label exchange software has been thoroughly tested and proven to work. One of the major advantages of using a white-label solution is that you don't have to worry about technical requirements, deployment, or ongoing maintenance.

In general, exchange software should include components that work together, such as the trading engine, user interface (UI), liquidity, Wallet, and admin panel, to form the backbone of your exchange.

Blockchain Development services now provide numerous turnkey brokerage and exchange alternatives, allowing businesses to set up and run their cryptocurrency exchange in as little as a month.

In addition to that, the white-label platform also provides development services that offer legal assistance, access to multiple platforms, and liquidity. Furthermore, the solution, including the user interface is fully customizable, allowing users to alter the colour, navigation, and buttons, among other things, making it a perfect choice for creating a cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Various types of cryptocurrency trading platforms are available on the market

You have probably heard the phrase “Centralized (or) decentralized exchange.”  These are the kinds of cryptocurrency exchange platform models. 

Let’s take a look at how many models are available and what their benefits are.

1. Centralized Crypto Exchange (CEX)

In the crypto realm, "centralized" means surrendering your money to someone else. It entails a manager who handles each user’s funds, while the intermediaries gain a trading fee in the transaction process. This platform suffered greatly as a result of numerous security problems. Despite providing more adequate liquidity and huge trade volumes, this platform’s data security is a serious worry.

2. Decentralized Crypto Exchange (DEX)

Decentralized crypto exchanges allow buyers and sellers to interact directly and process transactions directly between themselves. It is the inverse of the centralized exchange platform. There are no intermediaries who interfere with the movement of funds. This type of trade platform is extremely secure, and users can operate freely. However, liquidity is limited, but there are no security concerns.

3. Hybrid Crypto Exchange

Finally comes the hybrid cryptocurrency exchange and the aim is to merge the benefits of the CEX and DEX. This platform combines both centralized and decentralized exchanges. Furthermore, it delivers both liquidity and security in a balanced manner. For trading, it uses Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networks. The third party is important in this case, and a smart contract coupled with the escrow can speed up cryptocurrency transfers.

Factors to consider when starting your crypto exchange platform

The following are the most significant factors to consider while developing a white-label exchange.

1. Learn about the crucial licensing laws that apply to your location

The first step in establishing a white label Crypto exchange is to secure your license rules. When it comes to legal procedures, fundamental licensing regulations must be known.

Each jurisdiction has its own set of legal requirements that must be completed in order to launch a cryptocurrency exchange. Obtaining and completing the relevant licenses and applications ensures that future processes are simple and straightforward.

Nonetheless, there are a few situations where specific regulatory agencies lack exact constraints since they could not forecast them. Furthermore, authorities in some nations, such as the United States, have enacted a variety of laws and regulations that must be followed.

As a result, if you wish to launch a cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, you must register as a money transmitter and follow the requirements of both the Exchange & Security Commission and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

2. Collaborate with a trustworthy White Label Crypto Exchange Development software vendor

When it comes to building a cryptocurrency exchange, it is critical to work with a well-known exchange development business.

Even if you don't comprehend the complexities of the technology, firm employees must be adaptable when dealing with such new technologies. Furthermore, confirm that the company of your choice will be able to modify its white-label solution to match your requirements, and choose a turnkey solution that can fulfill your business requirements.

3. Pay attention to the exchange’s liquidity

Traders who deposit funds in your exchange will be expected to withdraw the cash at any moment using their preferred form of payment. To suit your client’s expectations, you’ll need to find various connecting partners who can ensure your exchange’s high liquidity. Aim for higher liquidity than your competitors to get a competitive advantage. 

4. Include security elements with the transactions

Because you will be dealing with a large sum of public funds, security becomes the most crucial aspect. Including appropriate security measures in your white-label exchange software becomes an essential. Two-factor authentication, automated withdrawal limitations, and encrypted user access are all security measures that strengthen the security of your exchange.

5. Perform Beta testing

Beta testing is a sort of software testing in which a specialized audience tries and tests the product, exposing flaws along the way. Beta testing allows you to identify issues that developed during the development phase and assist you in addressing them before going live.

Following beta testing, the best thing to do is market your exchange to potential clients; make sure you employ multi-channel web marketing strategies to increase awareness of your white label Crypto exchange. Press releases and appealing information placed on various social media platforms also aid in attracting the target audience.

6. Offer Client Service

You ensure brand equity by consistently giving client assistance. Hire qualified workers to manage your clients' questions; using a live chat function to rapidly fix a client's issue will be incredibly advantageous. Client contentment and satisfaction will attract additional customers to your business.

7. Seek the assistance of a competent legal team

It is vital to understand all legal etiquette and to adhere to ever-changing norms. You can always hire a legal team comprised of specialists who are well-versed in local standards and regulations. Typically, bitcoin exchanges strive for a higher value than a specific location; as a result, your legal team must follow the norms and rules of numerous jurisdictions.

 Protected features of white-label crypto exchange

Some of the prominent features that are needed to incorporate into every cryptocurrency exchange platform are:

Simpler registration, e.g. Signup/Login

Enhance User Interface and User Experience

Safe Admin Panel

Adequate Liquidity

Investors Panel

Multi-Lingual and Cryptocurrency Support

API, KYC and AML Integration

Security Measures like Two-Factor Authentication and Encryption

Advanced Trading Engine and Low Trading Fees

Automated Transactions

Security Protocols

In Summary

Finally, recruit a professional team of blockchain engineers to begin constructing your own Crypto exchange that provides consumer happiness and satisfaction in order to attract a huge user base and volumes for your enterprise.

Clarisco Solutions can advise you on how to successfully launch a cryptocurrency exchange organization. Furthermore, we provide end-to-end crypto exchange development services to assist you in building a custom exchange from the bottom up. We also offer a white-label exchange solution that is strengthened with institutional-grade security and market-leading functionality.

Schedule a free demo of our white-label exchange software or contact one of our subject matter experts to discuss your specific company requirements.

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