The VOEX NFT Marketplace is a dynamic digital platform that empowers creators, collectors, and enthusiasts to engage with and exchange unique digital assets like never before. At its core, the marketplace encompasses a multitude of functionalities that bring the world of non-fungible tokens to life. Users can effortlessly create their NFTs, transforming their digital creations into one-of-a-kind assets that bear their signature. With the ability to buy and sell NFTs, participants gain access to a vibrant ecosystem of digital art, collectibles, and virtual assets. The minting process, accommodating both ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards, enables artists to embed authenticity and ownership within their digital creations, ensuring the integrity of the digital art market. In essence, the NFT Marketplace heralds a new era of digital ownership and expression, where each transaction signifies the unique value of the virtual world and the boundless potential of blockchain technology.


  • Create NFT
  • Buy NFT
  • Sell NFT
  • Mint NFT
  • Contract: ERC 721 & ERC 1155
  • Network Chain: ETH, MATIC,..(as per client wish)

Technology Stack

  • Front end : React Js
  • Back end : Node Js
  • Smart Contract : Solidity
  • Database : MongoDB


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