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Are you looking to create a smart city? Or install smart poles in multiple locations to promote sustainable and secure living? Smart poles that are customized to your specifications are the best solution. Explore the many functionalities of this robust solution.


Take Advantage of Our Modular Smart Poles To Make Your Life More Efficient

There have been many talks lately about smart city initiatives that incorporate the most recent technological advances and innovations. Smart poles are a vital part of smart city initiatives. They are efficient and future-proof and can solve urban problems. According to Navigant Research, smart pole deployments will increase from 600 in 2019 and 22,000 in 2028 at a rate of approximately 50%.

It is an undisputed future-proof solution that provides multiple smart functions and will ensure non-stop connectivity. The modular design makes it easy to install the smart pole system. It is also cost-effective and easier than traditional methods. Don't delay! To reap maximum benefits, choose the best smart pole technology. We are only a phone call away from creating future-ready smart poles that meet all your needs!

Innovative Features of Our IoT & AI Enabled Smart Pole Solutions


Flexible arms allow for easy attachment of surveillance cameras to the smart city pole. These cameras detect vehicles and people passing by the tower and can monitor red-light violations, parking violations, and other violations.

Digital Signages

Digital Dynamic Displays that are AI-based present engaging ads and informative content to viewers. To provide relevant content, the viewers' profiles are analysed.

5G Ready

The smart tower has been upgraded to 5G with a small cell module for 5G. This will allow for uninterrupted network connectivity. Our smart pole for 5G will provide high-endThe web dashboard contains all data from IoT energy meters. It is user-friendly and easy to use. For your convenience, the energy consumption, cost comparison, and other information are displayed. infrastructure that can be used to attract investments.

Guidance Kiosk

Kiosk systems include an interactive screen that allows viewers to access city maps, tourist destinations, weather forecasts and emergency contact services. This is a must-have guide for tech-savvy people!

Smart Street Lights

Street lights can be set up to include weather, proximity, and ambient light sensors. They can also be connected to solar panels for efficient energy consumption.

Environmental Sensors

To assess the environment, you can quickly track temperature, air quality index and noise levels. This is a great way to monitor the city's environment.

Drone Charging/Parking Pads

A drone charging pad is located at the top of the tower. It can be used to charge drones that are assigned to surveillance or city mapping. It can also be used to park drones. Top-notch, two-in-one smart pole design!

Point of EV Charging

The tower's Electric Vehicle Charging Point allows you to charge electric cars, scooters and rickshaws at a nominal price.

Solar Panels

The smart pole's most important component is its four-way solar panel system. These panels generate electricity and use it to maintain various functions of the tower.

WiFi Hotspot

The smart pole's internet access point allows people to connect their devices and use the WiFi network to access unlimited internet without any hassle. This is a vital feature to ensure seamless internet connectivity.

USB Charging Points

It comes with a USB charging station so that anyone can charge their devices without any hassle. You can charge on the move!

Panic Button/ Alarm And Telephone

A panic button is located on the smart street pole. This can be activated by viewers in an emergency and will prompt authorities to take action immediately. The telephone feature allows viewers to make calls.

The Benefits of deploying our Smart Poles

Smart pole for smart cities

Smart poles with all the necessary digital capabilities help you to lay the foundation for smart cities that support AI and IoT devices. You can reduce the number of towers required to support a single application and replace them with multi-functional smart poles. This will allow you to create a new smart city infrastructure.

Stabilizing city operations

Smart poles address many issues that have been associated with urban management. Smart towers provide solutions such as city surveillance, smart parking and command control centre. Local authorities can monitor and manage their cities effortlessly and efficiently with this smart tower.

Assessment of environmental factors

The smart pole's IoT-powered environmental sensors can be used to assess the environment with the greatest accuracy. Data can be used to identify high-pollution areas and help citizens limit their exposure. The data can also be used to identify high-emission areas and help city planners take swift action to reduce them.

Instant emergency response

A panic button is included in the smart pole, which can be used for alerting local authorities in cases of emergency. The tower's various surveillance functions allow authorities to quickly monitor nearby conditions and take the appropriate actions, thus reducing the gap in emergency response.

Monetization Opportunities

Smart poles can offer many opportunities for you to generate substantial revenue. Interactive digital signages can be used to display advertisements to promote third-party products and services based on the viewer’s profile. To provide hassle-free network connectivity, the 5G smart cell module can be used. There are many revenue streams that smart poles can provide.

Practical Applications of Our Future-proof Smart Poles

Smart poles are a breakthrough technology that can be used in dense urban areas, corporate offices and educational institutions as well as other important locations. They are especially useful in areas where coverage and resources are limited. The WiFi hotspots and charging capabilities allow people to stay connected to the digital world at all times, from anywhere.

Urban Cities
Corporate Offices
Educational Institutions
Railway/ Metro Stations
Crowded Public Places

Why should our Smart Poles be your ideal pick?


Smart poles include a variety of digital functions that are supported by AI and IoT technology. Our all-in-one smart tower can be used to monitor city operations and respond to emergency calls.

Energy efficient

The smart poles are powered by solar panels that generate enough electricity to power their functions. Smart street lights and other features also use energy efficiently.

Modular design

Modular design ensures that sensors and accessories can be easily replaced, thereby reducing the need for a new tower.

Easy deployment

Smart poles can be easily and quickly installed in any place. Smart poles are easy to deploy, so it is possible to increase coverage without distortion and to monitor cities in a short time.

You can customize

The robust smart poles we offer are extremely customizable. We can personalize their IoT and AI capabilities to meet your needs. Any feature that is already in place can be removed or replaced easily. You can also change the style, height, colour and design of the tower as you wish.


Smart poles are extremely scalable due to their modular design. It is flexible and easily upgradeable to meet emerging technologies.

Smart Pole - Smarter Choice to Build A Smarter Smart City

Comes with built-in solar panels, WiFi connectivity, IoT sensors, and other intelligent features for secure and sustainable living. The best smart poles for outdoor use. Buy our smart poles at an affordable price.

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FAQ(Frequently Asked Question)

Yes. Smart poles offer future-proof solutions and many functionalities that allow you to stay connected digitally. Smart poles can be used for everything from city surveillance to environmental assessment.

Yes. Yes. The modular design of the smart pole manufactured by the smart pole manufacturing company allows you to upgrade its capabilities and features whenever you like, thus supporting future improvements without any hassle.

Smart poles are an innovative way to extend AI and IoT functions, such as city surveillance, interactive digital displays and Wifi hotspots. 5G network connectivity and smart street lighting. Guidance kiosk system, USB charging points and Electric Vehicle (EV), charging points. Emergency alert system and many more.

Our Ai and IoT-powered smart poles are available at various price points depending on their functionality and customization requirements. Get in touch with our support team immediately to find out the cost. We can only provide an accurate cost estimate after we have reviewed your requirements.

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