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Smart Home Solutions to Make Your Home and Your Life Smarter

Many innovative solutions have been created by the advancement of technology. Smart home automation is one such innovation that has many people astonished. Smart home automation is a growing trend that transforms regular homes into smart ones by integrating a variety of AI and IoT-based solutions. Our resilient smart home solutions are another way to get on board the smart home automation bandwagon.

Clarisco Solution offers a variety of smart devices to help you manage your home. This is how we promote smart living and build intelligent homes. Our smart home products are designed, developed, and integrated in your home with precision. All this at an affordable cost!

These are the Top Products to Use in Your Smart Home

Single Node Switch

A single node switch allows you to monitor one heavy-duty electrical device, such as a chimney or geyser with a current rating up to 15A. The switch allows you to not only monitor energy consumption but also schedule and control their operation according to your requirements.

WiFi-based control

Support for high wattage

Effortless scheduling

Retrofit system

2 Node Switch

Two node switches are a simple plug-and-play solution that can be installed behind your switchboard. You can connect it to up to two switches (lights or fans, for example). You wish to monitor or control. The WiFi allows you to control appliances (e.g., turn them on/off) from your smartphone. You can keep your switchboard with you at all times.

WiFi-based control


Control anywhere

Plug and Play Solution

4 Node Switch

With its simple plug-and-play feature, the four node switch can be easily installed behind the switchboard to create a smart home solution. The four node switch works in the same way as the two node switches. You can control your appliances over WiFi from your smartphone. You can control and monitor four devices simultaneously.

WiFi-based control

Automatic on/off

Multiple users

Plug and Play Solution

Remote IR

Infrared Remote (IR Remote), a smart device that allows you to control all your IR-based devices, is available. You can control all your devices from your smartphone, including set-top boxes, ACs, TVs, and more. Our IR Remote solution is plug-and-play and requires no wiring. It can be set up and installed in under 7 minutes.

WiFi-based control

Compatible with IR-based devices

Voice control

Energy efficiency is increased

Motion Sensor

Our Motion sensor solution is an ideal solution for conserving energy. Our solution detects human presence and automatically switches the lights on and off in 360 degrees. This is a convenient way to control appliances

View from 120 degrees

Time delay 10 greater than 7

Sensitivity 3 greater than 12m

Mounting is effortless

Energy Meter

You can easily integrate your IoT-powered energy meter solutions with each appliance to monitor and control their energy consumption. After successful installation, the devices gather data about their energy consumption and share it in the Energy Meter Dashboard. You can easily keep track of the devices that use more energy and optimize their usage to maximize electricity efficiency.

IoT-based solution

Live data monitoring

Efficient Energy Management

Installation is simple

Leading Edge Smart Home Software Solutions

Energy Meter Dashboard

As part of the energy meters solution, the web dashboard is user-friendly. The dashboard displays data about the energy consumption of all appliances that were received from the IoT-energy meters. It also generates additional information such as cost comparison, overall consumption, and so on, which can be used for reference. It allows you to manage your appliances efficiently, optimizing their energy efficiency.

Smart Application

Our smart home app is user-friendly and allows you to control your devices from any location, at any time. Our smart app allows you to monitor their progress, set scenes and schedule operations. Available for both Android devices and iOS.

Our Smart Home Solutions are cutting-edge

Switch on / off

You can control and switch on your appliances remotely from your smartphone. When it comes to managing your smart house, location is not a problem.

Set Scenes

With the help of our smart home solutions, you can create scenes for different occasions and moods.


It's easy to schedule appliance operations. You can set the timer to turn on or off your appliance from your smartphone.

Track Energy Consumption

You can track the electricity consumption of your appliances by viewing their data on the web dashboard. You can optimize the energy consumption of your appliances, resulting in maximum energy productivity.

Voice Control

Our smart home automation solutions make it possible to control your appliances using your voice commands. You can control your appliances by connecting them to virtual assistants.

Analytical Reports

These data are then analyzed to provide you with regular reports that will give you insight into how your smart home is managing energy consumption.

Smart Home Automation - Benefits


Automating your smart home allows you to control all the appliances from your smartphone. All you need to manage your home is one click!

Remote Control

Remotely control your appliances from anywhere in the world. This is a truly amazing feature of our smart home automation products.

Maximize Energy Efficiency

You can make your space more efficient by using our solutions. They can be turned off when they are not needed, which will reduce power consumption. You can also monitor your energy consumption to manage them effectively.

Fault checks

Your appliances will immediately be notified if they stop working or become unusable. This is something you won't be capable of identifying otherwise.

Preventive Maintenance

You can immediately take action to prevent your appliances from becoming defective by noticing any slight changes in their energy consumption.

Home Management Insights

Our software solutions create data-driven reports that keep you informed about the performance of your smart house. You can also gain insight from the shared reports, which will help you manage your home effectively.

What makes our solutions stand out?

Unified Control

You can control your smart home devices remotely with our smart home kit. You can control everything from one place: on or off!

Simple Customization

Our smart home solutions allow you to set scenes and control your appliances using smart motion-sensing technology.

Highly Secure

All data sent from our smart home solutions to your phone is encrypted using TLS/SSL internet security protocols. This provides maximum protection against hackers.

Low Latency

IoT technology is used to support our solutions, which allows seamless communication in even the most limited bandwidth conditions. The entire system uses fewer data to collect and share real time data.


With the advent of new technologies, our solutions can be easily upgraded. We also offer upgrade services.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Question)

Smart home automation is the process of turning your home into a smart one by integrating a variety of smart home products on the market. Your devices will be connected to the internet via the installation of smart-home solutions. This allows you to control your devices remotely from your smartphone. Smart home automation with IoT solutions can be a great way to efficiently manage your home appliances.

We offer a variety of smart home solutions including single node switches, 2 node switches, 4 node switches, IR remote control and motion sensor. We offer smart home automation software solutions, including energy meter dashboards and Android and iOS apps.

There are many price points for our smart home products and software solutions. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and receive a quote for your overview.

You can turn your home into a smart one by integrating all your appliances into one place. This will allow you to maximize energy efficiency, increase appliances functionality, gain insight into better management and much more. Don't wait! To reap the maximum benefits, invest in our smart home gadgets.

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