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The Blockchain Explorer Platform represents a crucial cornerstone in the world of blockchain technology, providing a comprehensive suite of functionalities that illuminate the intricacies of decentralized networks. At its core, the platform facilitates the creation of a Genesis Block, laying the foundation for the entire blockchain network. The Blockchain Generation feature empowers developers to initiate and propagate new blocks, ensuring the network's integrity and continuity. With Peer Node Setups, users can establish decentralized nodes that collaborate in validating transactions, ensuring the network's security and redundancy. The Block Explorer function offers an intuitive interface for users to navigate and explore transaction histories and network activity. Validators play a pivotal role in consensus mechanisms, ensuring the accuracy and security of the blockchain's records. Native coin integration enables seamless transactions and value exchange within the network. Smart Contract Support introduces programmable functionalities, enabling the execution of self-executing contracts and decentralized applications. Wallets, an integral part, allow users to securely store, send, and receive cryptocurrencies. The RPC (Remote Procedure Call) feature establishes communication between nodes and applications, enabling seamless interactions. In essence, the Blockchain Explorer Platform serves as an essential tool that empowers blockchain enthusiasts, developers, and users to navigate the intricate landscapes of decentralized networks with transparency, efficiency, and security.


  • Genesis Block
  • Peer node setups
  • Block Explorer
  • Validators
  • Native coin
  • Wallets
  • Smart Contract Support
  • Blockchain generation
  • RPC

Technology Stack

  • Smart Contract : Solidity
  • Server : AWS


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