Nifty Gateway Clone Script

The web 3.0 revolution has shifted the internet paradigm, bridging the gap between virtual and real-world concepts. The advent of blockchain technology, the introduction of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and asset tokenization on digital ledgers marks the beginning of a new age. Join the revolution by starting your Nifty Gateway -like NFT marketplace now!


Nifty Gateway Clone App Development-Launch An Online Auction Platform For Digital Art

With the NFT trading gaining huge traffic, Nifty is a 2021 bloomed NFT art marketplace that carries out art auctions, listing, and trading on the web3 platforms. The platform allows users to trade and exchange their art NFT collectibles in the Blockchain networks. The low gas-fees platform has high-end security guarded to protect every aspect of the platform. Their security features are captivating, while the revenue streaming abilities are more.


What is Nifty Gateway Clone Script

The Nifty Gateway Clone script is a white label code base that brings all the functionalities of the popular Nifty gateway NFT marketplace, thus providing you with an awesome template to start with, and then customize it to make it better suited for you. This saves a lot of time, energy and resources which can instead be put into business strategies and marketing to make the business grow quickly.

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White label Nifty Gateway Clone Script Features

Virtual Gallery

A variety of appealing NFTs are arranged on a single page to provide your users a visual treat containing all the necessary information they need such as bids, owners, previews, and price history.


Sort the digital creations on your site into various categories with clear labels. This helps users find what they are looking for easily, which improves the user experience.

Digital Wallet

By allowing your users to connect their crypto wallets, they will feel more comfortable when trading on your platform, inspiring confidence and promoting trade activity.

Auction/fixed Sale

Creators and NFT owners have the option of selling their works at an auction or for a set fee. The bidding status, highest bidder and other relevant information is updated in real time on the marketplace.

Payment Gateway

Providing users with convenient payment options such as credit and debit cards alongside the use of cryptocurrency to make payments will make your users feel at ease.

Nifty Gateway Clone Script working process

  • A creator or seller registers their account on the NFT platform

  • They connect a digital wallet of their choice to their registered account so that they can start trading.

  • Creators can upload their digital or scanned artwork to showcase them

  • The seller or creator can specify the type of auction they want to sell their NFT in, or if they wish to take a fixed price.

  • The platform reviews it and once it gets approved, buyers can see it listed on the NFT marketplace.

  • At the end of the auction, the highest bidder obtains ownership of the NFT and the crypto is transferred automatically to the seller's wallet.

Revenue Models of Nifty Gateway Clone App

You might be interested in knowing how NFT marketplaces like Nifty generate revenue. Each platform does things slightly differently, but the most common models are listed below.


The Nifty Gateway NFT platform takes a percentage of every transaction made, including secondary sales through the Nifty Gateway Clone, so increasing the number of transactions brings more revenue for the platform.

Gas fee

To compensate for the computing energy required to process and validate transactions on the blockchain, the platform may charge a gas fee.

Listing fee

Some platforms charge a small fee to NFT creators and sellers every time they wish to list their collectibles. This keeps your Nifty gateway clone's assets high value, thanks to the mutual and collateral value of tokens.

Initial setup fee

By obtaining a specified fee to move their digital collective forward and advertise it for sale, all the NFTs are exposed to a wider audience and improves the confidence of small investors.

Bundle fee

Allowing creators to offer many items at the same time will increase the popularity and revenue production of your NFT art marketplace.

At Clarisco Solutions we specialize in providing NFT marketplace development services. We have experience in creating NFT markets with reference to the existing market. Most investors in the digital market plan to create their own NFT market due to its growing popularity. Don't wait, start your NFT business with us now!

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Nifty Gateway Like NFT marketplace Auction Platform Development Process


At this stage we start working on proof of concept, prototyping etc to analyze growth potential, target audience satisfaction criteria and so on.


This stage scrutinizes the viability of the business model, and suggests changes by comparing it with existing successful practices.


This stage involves developing and fine-tuning the UX/UI to make sure it suits the target audience.


This is the most technical stage, where all the magic happens. Cutting edge technology brings your ideas to life.


The developed product is put through multiple rigorous tests to ensure that it is flawless and secure before we launch it.


Now that the product is tested and approved by our testers, we will help you launch it on the platform/ platforms of your choice.

Benefits of Nifty Gateway Clone App

The Nifty Aesthetic

Arguably one of the main selling points of the Nifty Gateway Clone Script, it captures the essence of the original NFT marketplace, evoking the same unique aesthetic that Nifty is known for.

Exclusive artwork

The platform has artwork from exclusive creators, which cannot be found in any other platform. This means that if someone wants a specific art piece, they have to buy it through your platform.

Easy to use

The UX/UI is designed from the ground up with ease of use in mind, making it the ideal platform for beginners.

Purchase NFTs with credit card

In addition to accepting multiple altcoins, the platform also supports purchasing NFTs with fiat payments, and users can use their credit cards to complete any transaction.


Why Choose us?

NFT marketplaces can be difficult to develop and manage. It is essential to have a great development company with extensive experience and expertise in this field. Clarisco Solutions is one such firm. With a strong presence in the NFT marketplace development environment, we are the best choice for those who are looking to establish themselves in the NFT marketplace business.

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FAQ(Frequently Asked Question)

Nifty gateway clone is an NFT marketplace that allows registered users to buy and sell NFTs via blockchain technology.

The cost of development depends on the methodology, tools and features that you wish to incorporate into your NFT marketplace. In general, it is cheaper to use white label software.

Nifty gateway clone is a legit NFT marketplace, which usually runs on the ethereum blockchain, but can also be customized to run on any blockchain of your choice.

Users can link their digital wallet to the account with which they registered on the platform, and carry out payments using crypto, credit or debit cards.

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