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Rise of non-fungible tokens

Currently, non-fungible tokens called NFT have taken the crypto space by storm. Almost every investor is interested in trading NFTs, buying and selling collections and the range is huge. The primary reason for this amazing attraction is the flexibility of the stage. Almost every collection of music, photos, artwork, business cards, apps, games and more can be converted to NFTs.

NFTs are not like other cryptocurrencies. They are unique, so you need a specialized site to start a business. This specialized site is called NFT Marketplace, which is built on the blockchain network. There are many NFT markets in the crypto space for both exclusive trading and public trading. Currently, NFT markets are emerging. Gaming sites have begun to integrate and expand themselves with NFTs. NFT based games like Polcacity, Gods Unsigned are localized. For the past several years in the Clarisco, we have been helping clients create online games based on God's Unchained NFT markets.


Gods Unchained- A complete guide

Gods Unchained is a virtual card trading series game built on the Ethereum blockchain. It was first created by a gaming startup called Immutable. On this gaming site, trade cards are referred to as non-fungal tokens. The main function of this gaming site is to buy mint, sales and trade cards. Unlike other online games that do not require registration or membership fees, gaming platform players are completely free and available for purchase with additional gaming assets.

Once launched in the digital space, the reception among users is huge. It has made a profit of over $ 7 million. This site allows users to collect personal cards, install a clean desk, and trade with other players. It gives users the right to transfer digital assets. These trading cards can also be traded on common NFT markets such as OpenSea. This godless chain uses NFT market ERC-721 tokens and the cards are secured in wallets like MetaMask.


The gameplay of the God Unchained:

In God's Unchained NFT Marketplace, users collect thirty cards every and that they should choose a selected God to begin taking part in. The main objective of the game is to reduce the health of the enemy to zero. Buying cards in the game is very easy. The user has to register on the platform using the required ID. The game is played for free and four sets of virtual cards are collected. These four cards are divided into four categories: Shiny Legendary, Legendary, Epic and Rare. Users can buy their favourite business card with a debit or credit card and store it securely in a digital wallet such as the Metamask, which is linked to God's Unchained gaming account.

To start the game, the user must select the site for his cards in a separate panel in the game launcher's arena table, and then complete the climb by adding two trinkets and aboard. First, start a computer game against the individual, improve skills, and then the user can enter ranking multiplayer mode to compete with the best. After competitors with different players, the user will open new card packs within the temple section to extend the overall power. Upgrade entire cards for a period of time, edit and save the deck, showing a new representation of a set of immovable cards that can be used in standalone and multiplayer mode.

NFT God's Future Market with Clarisco Solution

Our NFT marketplace like Gods unchained may be a digital card trading series diversion platform. The decentralized nature of our site ensures transparency because all transactions are recorded in the public blockchain. Cards traded on our site have a specific Ethereum value and can be easily converted into Fiat Cash. It will be a great platform for game developers, players, blockchain developers and marketers. Our NFT gaming site features star features, functions and customization.

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The best Characteristic of the NFT market like the chain of Gods

Ethereum based network

Because the site is based on the Ethereum network, user-owned cards can be tokenized into virtual assets.


The involvement of intermediaries and central authorities in this platform was eliminated. Players will have real rights over the cards purchased on the platform.

Eliminate fraud

Our development team will closely monitor the movement of each player on stage. Thus, it eliminates fraudulent activities.

Conducting competitive competitions

Our development team will closely monitor the movement of each player on stage. Thus, it eliminates fraudulent activities.

Business Specialization

Each card on the platform is an NFT. So it can be traded in any open markets and it can also be traded in common NFT markets like OpenSea.

No subscription plans

Our platform players are free to play and there is no subscription fee.


Our site is very transparent as all transactions are done on a publicly distributed ledger.


Hire the Services of the Clarisco Solution for your NFT Marketplace

Cryptocurrencies are on the rise and all businesses are moving into the digital space. In the crypto space, the NFT has been the current trendsetter, attracting the interest of all investors in the market. The concept of NFT has provided many opportunities for people, NFT Gaming has become a monumental platform for investors and gamers to invest and elevate this opportunity in the digital space. So now is the perfect time to create your own NFT marketplace like God's chain. Our gaming site will set you apart in the field of NFT games. We are one of the leading experts in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain development. Our NFT services are first as a result of we tend to use 24x7 skilled toughened developers at your service. Trusting us with a plan to create your NFT market will save you a lot of time and money. Our experienced professionals will easily use your finished product in the digital space. Contact us soon to get our NFT marketing services!

FAQ(Frequently Asked Question)

Judgment Gods Unchained may not be the most original digital strategy card game, but the inclusion of the crypto economy adds a compelling turn to a more impressive and solidly polished free gaming experience.

Business card game. It pays to play
Real Owner for Athletes Unlike other free games, God Unchained full ownership rights over your game.

You can earn money by playing the game Play Earn (P2E). On Gods OnSight, this is seen through the ability to earn items in the game that you can come to for real-world money. The Play to Earn journey is as follows: You open the packs that provide digital cards by playing games.

Attach your wallet (s) with God Unchained
Sign in to your God Unchained account by clicking "Sign In" in the top right corner of Click your player icon at the top right of the page, and then click Manage wallets. Click the "Connect Internet Wallet" button. Your browser's MetaMask extension will respond.

Sign in to your God Unchained account by clicking "Sign In" in the top right corner of Click your player icon at the top right of the page, and then click Manage wallets. Click the "Connect Internet Wallet" button. Your browser's MetaMask extension will respond.

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