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Providing a liquidity solution for Foundation such as an auction portal for NFTs

The trend of NFTs adopting blockchain technology to introduce the crypto business of NFTs has attracted many businesses. Ethereum's standards for unique asset representation and its permanent advancement in blockchain technologies have led to the introduction of individual NFTs across multiple blockchain networks. This rise in NFTs as a result of the modernization of digital assets and its transportation market has led to a greater number of NFT bubbles. The vast market of NFTs in the crypto market lags behind in its range. As many NFTs began to manipulate the crypto market, it created cash flow for NFTs.

These are just a few of the NFTs that is gaining a reputation among the audience due to the peak of popularity of the creators in the market. This abuse of NFTs is lined up by the Foundation's innovative auction platform, which allows creators to list their NFTs on its platform for a global market view. The platform outsources your NFTs to crypto investors and NFT collectors around the world. NFT auction platforms like the Foundation help you gain visibility for your NFT plans and facilitate great returns on auctions with its global market visibility.

The Auction Platform for NFTs

NFTs are packed and the influence only benefits the most popular creators in the current market. A lot of NFTs remain untouched due to a lack of vision and reputation in the market. It misrepresents NFTs in the market without the interest of the audience. To mitigate this in the capabilities of NFTs our inventors have integrated an auction platform such as the Foundation, which allows users to update and list their NFTs. This auction platform allows visitors to bid on NFTs of their interest, which gives NFTs great asset value. The popularity of the auction portal and the confidence of investors will divert their social audience to your NFTs creating the best visibility in the global market. Platform pulling and reputation attract sovereign investors towards the NFT, which gets traffic to your platform with multiple revenue opportunities. The creation and implementation of NFTs on auction platforms such as the Foundation attract the best viewers with an auction system that is incomparable to the English and Dutch auction systems..

Dutch Auction

A Dutch auction is a market structure in which an item can be auctioned off and then sold at a higher price. In this type of auction, investors bid on the item of their interest based on quantity and price. The first auction results in a successful auction and sale.

English Auction

English auction is a public auction for the sale of goods. The bid will not be reached until another buyer is willing to bid on the item at a lower price, gradually increasing the price. The auction will be monitored by the bidder to ensure that all bidders are likely to increase the price value.

Advantages of the NFT Marketplace like Foundation

Creates value for your NFTs

The market with the auction platform offers great value to your NFTs. This inappropriate auction could lead to the sale of your NFTs for millions of dollars.

Market visibility

The auction platform for NFTs will take its community to its new NFT project, which will give your NFTs the best market visibility from a global audience. This facilitates great traffic to your platform.

Way of income

NFT markets such as the Foundation attract visitors and provide a steady return to the platform. Gas charges and service charges will provide financial benefits to your platform.

Liquid mass

Markets with auction features provide instant cash flow to your NFTs by outsourcing your NFTs to a diverse audience.

Audience Drag

Auction features have the potential to attract sovereign investors to its platform. This amazing auction house attracts different types of visitors to your platform.

Our Move Towards Success

Clarisco Soultion's pioneering business development services are the best choice for improving your business and NFTs. We have meticulously designed your platform with the following features.

  • Development of Multichain

    Our blockchain expertise enables us to build your platform across multiple blockchain networks that offer the unique benefits of each network.

  • Cross-chain ecosystem

    This platform is compatible with Polcot's cross-linking protocol, which allows you to connect your platform to multiple blockchain networks.

  • Layer 2 solution

    The platform can be built under Ethereum's second-tier solution, allowing it to connect with Ethereum's versatile networks with increased efficiency and lower gas charges.

  • Complete customization

    We offer the opportunity to customize for unrestricted transactions. The technology platform allows you to customize your platform with a wide range of options from the user interface.

  • Fundraising & Marketing

    Fundraising Our portfolio provides instant financial support with ICO, IDO, IEO & INO fundraising models. We outsource your project through our marketing strategies and attract sovereign investors to your platform.

  • Safe environment

    Our development service provides reliable protection for your credentials and manages the anonymity of your transactions. Our strong platform has the ability to retain any technical breaches from hackers.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Question)

First, let's divide the time. NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token — a digital token that is a type of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. But unlike a standard currency in the Bitcoin blockchain, an NFT is unique and cannot be changed (hence, not a fungus).

Imagine the results based on the so-called market of NFTs. Create NFT market savings, display, trade and sometimes minted NFTs. These markets are Amazon or eBay products for NFTs.

This platform is used to outsource your NFTs to crypto investors and NFT collectors around the world. NFT Auction platforms such as the Foundation make it easy for your NFT projects to gain visibility and higher returns from auction sales with its global market visibility.

The Foundation is an excellent P2P marketplace exclusively for artwork and digital art creators. Artists need to create a profile and apply for their social development. The application will be verified on basis of votes. It works with the intention of giving power to the hands of the creators. The user base of the platform is growing exponentially and it has good cash flow. The user interface of the market is black, clear, futuristic and professional. This new creative economy is in markets that bring together collectors, digital creators and NFT fans. Being a community-based platform, artists can easily tokenize their digital arts into NFTs and make huge profits.

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