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What is Business 4.0?

Industry 4.0 is a growing industrial revolution that primarily relies on automation, machine learning, interconnection and real-time interactions to achieve operational performance with zero idle time. Business 4.0 achieves the instantaneous integration of real-time data needed for cyber-physical systems (CBS), Internet of Things (IoT) and smart businesses.

Because your production unit is smart in the integration of smart devices, it is manufactured very efficiently and substantially in your factories.


Use the Power of our IoT Solutions to Implement Real-time Detection and Optimal Functions

Industrial IoT (IIOT) reveals real-time analytics of the power of smart IoT devices and the data they generate. Providing these analytics on the dashboard can provide insights into the full-scale operation of large businesses. In Clarisco Solutions, we provide medium-sized IoT devices, including equipment for routine monitoring and frequent testing.

Once you have established our achievements throughout your business, you can immediately identify minute changes throughout the process and notify the respective team remotely. In addition, the collected data is stored in the cloud database, and device status and other information can be viewed on the dashboard accessed in the web browser. You can analyze this data, anticipate failures or improvements, and perform timely forecast maintenance. This saves you a lot of time during predicted failures or takes the necessary steps to avoid future problems.

Create unsupported businesses in the future and connect to the highest level in your business. Get ready to trade your IoT achievements today!

What are the Benefits of IoT Applications to the Industry?

Increased performance

The main advantage of using IoT solutions in production units is that it keeps a frog in complex processes at all times, providing maximum operational efficiency. Also, you can make data-based decisions related to all production processes, which allows for more efficient processes. This helps to eliminate a lot of idle time.

Regular monitoring

The performance of sensors installed throughout the machine tools is constantly monitored, thereby gaining insights into the function of each device or the overall unit. It is less labour-intensive and efficient with regular monitoring and equipment maintenance.

Predictive maintenance

Mechanical malfunction is often a major issue when it comes to manufacturing operations. This is due to a lack of timely maintenance. Eliminate problems from the beginning by planning forecast maintenance before idle time. This significantly reduces idle time and eliminates production losses.

Paperless data records

Periodically Received Data Stored in the Cloud Database This way you can go paperless with all the data stored and accessed in the cloud database. You can easily view or download data activity signs.

Increased productivity and profitability

Having proper forecast maintenance techniques on board will reduce the downtime of the machines and increase productivity. Furthermore, data-based intelligence in all areas of operations eliminates the cost of running, thereby significantly increasing the profitability of your business operations.

Professional Application Cases of Our IoT Solutions

  • Use Case 1: IoT Solutions for the Steel Industry

    Using our IoT equipment from steel mills with continuous production processes, we can effectively eliminate the production of defective materials and manage production conditions. Makes it easy to monitor your manufacturer's quality.

  • Use Case 2: IoT Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

    Adopting IoT in the oil and gas value chain is the most viable option to make processes more efficient and usable. Use it to monitor your fleet, prevent accidents, detect leaks quickly and monitor oil wells and tanks of various sizes.

  • Use Case 3: IoT Solutions for the Telecommunications Industry

    The telecommunications industry helps to effectively monitor telecommunications equipment for IoT application maintenance, thus avoiding major malfunctions. Furthermore, it is possible to monitor key performance indicators of active and passive devices in remote locations. This means that maintenance costs are significantly lower and power management is more efficient.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Question)

Absolutely. Installing steel industry IoT solutions throughout your steel manufacturing unit is used to better monitor and manage your machinery. Also, you can do routine monitoring and forecast maintenance, which will increase your unit performance. This, in turn, increases productivity.

We provide a list of industrial IoT solutions for various business segments. These solutions are offered at price points for a number of reasons. To find the right cost, you can contact our team right now. They will collect and explore your needs and give you a free quote for your reference.

The use of IoT in the field of telecommunications is effectively monitored for the maintenance of telecommunications equipment, avoiding major shortcomings. Furthermore, the key performance indicators of active and inactive tools can be tracked remotely. Therefore, with efficient power management, maintenance cost is significantly reduced.

Deployment time depends on your needs. You can contact us and let us know your needs. Providing ETA to use IoT integration solutions throughout your business We will fully explore your needs.

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