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The Internet of Things (IoT) enables us to present world-class Energy Meters that can be integrated into any electric device in our home, office or industry. The Energy Meter Dashboard provides detailed information about our solutions, which analyze, collect and share real-time data on each device's energy consumption. You can access the dashboard right from your smartphone. This allows you to keep track of energy consumption remotely and optimize electricity use.


IoT Energy Meter and Dashboard for Efficient Energy Management

The Internet of Things (IoT), which is revolutionizing many sectors, allows end-users to have complete control over all aspects of their lives. IoT devices are being adopted by many businesses to create a connected environment. There are many benefits to deploying IoT-based smart energy meters in your daily life. It provides information about all devices in your house, office, and industries. This allows you to monitor their power consumption and manage them efficiently.

Our solution allows you to monitor and control your power consumption anywhere, any time. We offer incredible prices on IoT Energy Meters, which come with the Energy Meter Dashboard.


How IoT can help Energy Management?

Many businesses have adopted IoT-based energy meters to manage their power consumption. This is in response to the growing demand for energy efficiency, carbon emission reductions, and a more connected world. IoT adoption will only accelerate the growth of the global energy management system market. It is expected to grow at a CAGR 13.78% between 2019 and 2024.

The data collected by the IoT smart energy meters is shared with a dedicated web dashboard. This data can provide valuable insight to help you manage your devices effectively. You can reduce energy consumption, increase productivity, and even save money. They also play an important role in protecting the environment.

IoT Energy Meters exclusive collection

Its features are

Single Channel IoT Energy Meter

Supports single/three-phase with 12 data points

Retrofit, Plug & Play, Multi-level authorization

Machine Learning (ML), analytics forecast

Multi-Channel IoT Energy meter

Up to 12 parallel connections can be handled

Supports single/three-phase with 12 data points

Retrofit, Plug & Play, Multi-level authorization

Machine Learning (ML), analytics forecast

IoT Energy Meter with Multisensor System

Supports single/three-phase with three data points

IoT Sensor stack – A/D. SPI. I2C

Analyzes temperature, humidity, water flow, diesel level, CO2

Comparative analytics

IoT Energy Meter With Switching Controls

Switching controls for single-channel energy meters

Allows for up to 30 A Current switching control

Supports single/three-phase with 12 data points

Retrofit, Plug & Play, Multi-level authorization

Machine Learning (ML), analytics forecast


Energy Meter Dashboard

The IoT Energy Meters send data about power consumption and other parameters to the web dashboard. Here, the data can be viewed in detail for a quick overview.

The dashboard allows you to view the power consumption of each device and compare it with past months. The dashboard allows you to view energy consumption over a period of time and can compare the electricity bill for the current month with that of the previous.

The key features of the IoT Energy Meter Dashboard

Web dashboard

The web dashboard contains all data from IoT energy meters. It is user-friendly and easy to use. For your convenience, the energy consumption, cost comparison, and other information are displayed.

Data comparison

Here is the data for each device's energy consumption. You can also compare the data for the current month with the previous month.

Cloud connectivity

All data is stored securely in a cloud platform. They can then be transferred to the dashboard as needed.

Data-driven reports

Analyzing all data from devices can provide valuable insight. This can assist you in managing your energy consumption more efficiently.

Timeboxed and critical alerts

If any device has an issue or uses more energy than usual, you will be notified immediately.

Downloadable reports

Downloadable reports are the detailed reports that are generated from time-to-time. You can download them in different file formats, including CSV, PDF, or Raw JSON. They can be downloaded and accessed offline with no hassle.

Benefits of using our IoT Energy Meters

Control over energy consumption

The IoT energy meters have a web dashboard that allows you to view detailed information about each device's energy consumption. You can see which energy was used most often and when it was consumed least.

Transparent and accurate data

Our solutions guarantee that the web dashboard's data are reliable and accurate. Throughout the data sharing process, transparency is maintained.

Energy efficiency

You can analyze the energy consumption of your devices and find ways to optimize them. It is possible to switch to energy-saving devices/appliances.

Maximized energy productivity

You can improve your energy productivity by monitoring and utilizing energy efficiently.

Identification of defective devices

If you notice an increase in energy consumption, it is worth checking immediately to ensure the device is working properly. You can repair it quickly, eliminating any unforeseeable circumstances.

Good energy habits are boosted

In order to practice good energy habits, you can integrate an IoT energy monitor system into your home, office or business. You'll be able to see where energy has been wasted and how you can save them.

Environmental protection

When power is used efficiently, many factors that contribute to environmental degradation are significantly reduced. This leads to a more sustainable environment.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Question)

Yes. Integrating IoT-enabled energy meters with your devices is a great way to monitor and manage the energy consumption of your devices. This is especially important considering the increasing need for energy savings. This will allow access to real-time data with maximum efficiency, increased productivity and 100% transparency.

Yes. Yes. Our smart IOT energy meters can be easily integrated into any machine or device in your factory. We will help you find the right solution for you.

We offer many IOT energy meters at various price points. Get in touch with us immediately to find out the cost. We can only give you an accurate cost estimate after we have analyzed your needs.

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