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As a renowned IEO Development Company, we provide end-to-end Initial Exchange Offering development services by leveraging the expertise of our IEO developers. Grow your business today by employing our top-notch IEO development & marketing services.


Initial Exchange Offering

Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) is a fundraising mechanism where providers create tokens for their projects and raise funds using the exchange's user platform. IEOs are an agreement between a fundraising company and cryptocurrencies with certain preconditions such as IDAX, LATokens & Binance.

Fundraising through IEO is considered safe by investors because a crypto exchange will ensure proper diligence before accepting any plan. Early transaction issuance is a new emerging trend and has the potential to change the way we view token-based fundraising. This fundraising option gives investors the confidence of cash flow, while also providing a ready-made user platform where projects can target their marketing efforts. Furthermore, it reduces the burden of the KYC / AML process on providers as exchanges take on the responsibility of verifying investors and plans.

At Clarisco Solution, we have the right kind of experience, team and expertise in creating and marketing tokens for projects that provide your initial transaction. Through our strategic partnership with leading cryptocurrency exchanges, we can immediately launch your crowdfunding campaign.

How is it different from ICO?

Fundraising environment

At ICO, you need investor and management dashboards to run the fundraising process. However, if you go with IEO, fundraising takes place in return.


Transactions reduce your compliance costs and screen projects and investors based on quantitative parameters before starting on its platform.

Smart deals

You do not need to manage smart contracts as you do in ICOs. Smart contracts are managed by exchange.


KYC / AML services will be managed by transactions, which will save borders, investors, relevant time, cost and resources.

IEO Development Services

Our team of experienced blockchain and cryptocurrency developers create tokens for your initial exchange offers. After creating the tokens, our technical team will work with the transactions and list your tokens through a complex process.

Coin or token creation

Create your own token on Ethereum, Star or EOS for your fundraising campaign.

Swap list

Partnership with top 20 crypto exchanges such as Binance, IDAX, LA Token and many more.

Light paper

Project Summary Using the program summary.

White paper

A comprehensive overview of the scheme is offered systematically to raise funds for investors.

Pitch Tech

A brief presentation on your IEO project to investors provides a quick overview.

Wallet services

Multi-currency, compatible, secure cryptocurrency wallet for secure storage of tokens.

IEO Marketing Services

Our history with ICOs has enabled us to gain valuable marketing experience for the crypto community and investors. As an IEO marketing company, an expert team consisting of creative designers, engaging content writers and motivating SEO analysts will visualize your project in the marketplace. Make sure our customers reach for their soft cap so they can easily start their projects.

Website development

Creating a customizable, secure, user-friendly website that reveals your expertise to your investors.

Market research

Evidence-based market research allows investors to identify investment opportunities and risks.

Social media management

Creating brand awareness among investors with regular updates of your project.

Social involvement

Provide regular updates to your investors and crypto-community forums such as Bitcointalk.

Reputation management

Maintain a good reputation among investors through crypto-communities, telegraphy and other social media channels.

Content marketing

Creating content for your project to engage with the crypto community and investors.

News releases

Improve brand value, attract investors through FOMO, and do PR marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing

Newsletters and campaigns are aimed at enhancing the brand value of the project among investors.

Benefits of Initial Exchange Offering

Improving the user base

The main advantage of going with IEOs is that, unlike ICOs, the projects with the highest marketing cost are the user base of the listed transactions.


Investors rely on fundraising companies because of pre-transaction checks. Furthermore, investors go through KYC / AML, thereby ensuring security in investments.


You do not need to look at the difficult process of traditionally listing tokens in exchange. Tokens can be exchanged directly for secondary markets.

Free from KYC / AML

The KYC / AML platform is responsible for verifying investors and ensuring that each investor's background is secure.

How to start your IEO funding?

  • Idea / white paper creation

    There are brainwashing sessions with our team to finalize the best content to present on white paper.

  • Token development

    Using our expertise in token development services, we create tokens in various blockchains for your project.

  • Pre-IEO marketing services

    Create a hype before tokens are listed for project drag during initial transaction offers.

  • Listing services

    We have an expert development team working with the technical team of the best cryptocurrency exchange to list tokens.

  • FOMO creation using PR to generate demand in transactions

    Regular press releases before and after IEO among investors will increase the demand for tokens through updates on your plans.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Question)

Usually, you have to complete the KYC and AML verification process. Once done with them, it's the perfect time to check the cryptocurrencies you can use to deliver to IEO. Top up your account with the currency accepted in the crowd sale and wait until IEO starts buying your tokens.

Initial Exchange Offerings have lost their appeal in recent years - instead, many crypto schemes have begun to raise funds using the Initial Exchange Offering. Also known as IEO, this is where the cryptocurrency exchange oversees token sales.

I believe IEO is the best way to fund a project. Getting started is easy due to IOE. This should be because it fits the project model well. A clear plan of how the funds will be used to improve the objectives of the project.

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