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At Clarisco Solutions, with our efficacious strategies for ICO bounty Marketing, we help you embark on your journey to realize successful ICOs. With expertise in handling numerous bounty marketing campaigns for ICOs, we are your partner in success.


How to produce ICO Bounty Framework?

Bounty must be planned during a method that every one of the channels are inset. These embrace increasing engagements on wire, forums, and alternative cryptocurrency channels.

We can begin a campaign for Bounty on numerous Bounty websites, channels, and forums. The offerings of the participants are as follows

Pre-ICO Bounty Programs

Social Media Campaign

We promote the ICO on official social media of the project and raise the participants to unfold the word regarding the bounty among their peers. Their rewards are contingent on the engagements they need to be generated by the posts.

Article Writing

Our content selling team can work with influencers to put in writing blogs, articles, and press releases and unfold to their sizable amount of followers and readers. the same as the social media bounty, the rewards for it'll be passionate about the engagement level of the articles and journal posts.

Bitcointalk Signature

This is one of the foremost fashionable kinds of Bounty we tend to deliver to our purchasers. The ranking of the participant’s World Health Organization post this signature determines the number of stakes they get. for many bounty programs, solely folks on Bitcointalk World Health Organization are Jr. Members and higher than will participate.

Post-ICO Bounty Programs

A number of the common kinds of Post-ICO bounty programs are as follows

Translation Campaign

In this bounty, we offer the community the bounty to translate all documents with regards to the project furthermore as palliative completely different forum teams within the language. it's the right bounty program for native speakers World Health Organization will translate cryptocurrency websites, white books,s and also forum threads.

Bug news

Apart from being an efficient bounty campaign activity, bug news additionally helps the developers. A decent bug report clearly and in brief identifies problems with the cryptocurrency computer code or platform.

We Offer

Community Management

We ensure your channels are tempered and your audience gets all of their tough and technical queries answered.

24X7 Engagement

Our dedicated management team can ensure your a brand can boast AN uncomparable interval, 24/7.

Content Management

Our in-house content selling department is specialized in researched articles, illustrations, and whitepapers as per your project want

Be Heard

We ensure your content gets printed in high PR sites within the blockchain and cryptocurrency market, thereby, targeting the correct audience for your comes.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Question)

We design customized, tech-based campaigns that include Social Media and PR Management as well as Community Management and Forums and Discussions to increase awareness and build interest in your token.

What is Bounty Marketing and how can it help you? Bounty marketing is a tool that's used to market crypto-market tokens and coins. Bounty increases the value of your offering by informing others and giving you more tokens.

Bug bounties are a competitive model that uses the use of ethical hackers or security researchers to find and report bugs and vulnerabilities in an organization's digital assets. If found and validated within a defined scope, they can be rewarded.

HackerOne reported that some bugs can yield a decent reward. The average bounty paid for the critical vulnerability was $3,650, an eight per cent increase year-over-year. However, the average amount per vulnerability is $979.

A bounty is money or payment to capture, kill or locate an outlaw. Bounty hunters are people who pursue bounties to make a living.

California has a population of over 39 million people. It is one of the few states that allow bounty hunting without licensing. However, there are some qualifications and training requirements.

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