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The Equity finance of the latest firms is common to follow to dilute shares to boost capital. the normal methodology involves the present shareholders diluting the corporate for brand spanking new investors to boost capital in many rounds. There are two stages in equity token-based finance; non-public barred up Stage and Public Liquidity Stage. you'll be able to keep the stocks as non-dilutable throughout the lock-in amount. The tokens on the market for investors through Equity Token Offering(ETOs)

ETO development is usually allotted with the target of raising capital through share dilution. Current shareholders during a firm dilute their holdings so contemporary investors will infuse new capital through multiple rounds of funding. There are two phases in equity-based finance — the public liquidity stage and personal barred upstage. Over the lock-in amount, the stock will be maintained as non-dilutable. The tokens are distributed to investors via Equity Token Offerings (ETOs).

Equity Token Offerings give the subsequent blessings to prospective investors

Voting rights
Automated dividends
Buyback rights
Profit share rights
Holdings in another fund, and at last
Cash flow.

Equity Token Offerings give the subsequent blessings to prospective

Dilutable Tokens

You can authorize to make tons of stock, however, unharness on an area of it to the investors and shareholders. The remaining unissued stocks will be used for later sale. Only when if all unissued shares sold is when the present shareholders have diluted their shares. The number of tokens represents the number of shares within the company that is graven on a smart contract. because the company grows the stake control by the investor reduces, however, the stake is a lot of value.

Non-Dilutable Tokens

Each token is up to a percentage share on the corporate forever. The capitalist holds the proportion of the corporate, as long because the token is his/her Wallet. The dilution premium is extra as insurance, for the capitalist to stay within the company while not diluting their assets. The provides a chance to urge a future price at this. Dilutable equity tokens suggested rather than non-dilutable tokens.

Features of Equity Tokens

Programmable Equity

The digitized equity tokens enable you to require management of illiquid asset into equity issuance through a programmable code.

Regulatory Compliance

We will build SEC-compliant tokens and assist you in aiding with regards to security laws in your jurisdiction.


However, you'll be able to set a lock-in amount of one year from the day of Equity Token Offering

Secure Wallet

The Wallet is designed as a multi-signature, multi-device Wallet on a blockchain with elliptic curve cryptography, that makes the storage of funds secure.

Global Capital Investment

The equity tokens give trust and responsibility for institutional investors to join in the crypto-market, resulting in a bigger pool of capital investment.

Greater market potency

Provide assurance to investors with its recognizable structure and its connected technological advancement, resulting in investors gaining trust and their investment within the project.

No Intermediaries

There are not any intermediaries between the corporate and investors, hence reducing the value of commissions for the middleman.

Own Blockchain

The equity tokens are developed on your own blockchain, thereby giving full control to you. No lot of worry about gas costs and changes in protocol or rules.

Backend Dashboard

A complete backend panel for you to manage retail and institutional investors like dividends, buybacks, and announcements.


Automated Dividends

The dividends from the investments are going to be mechanically transferred to the investor's wallet. The wallet is secured on the blockchain with Elliptic Curve Cryptography.

Voting rights

Similar to the shareholders, the equity token holders have the proper to pick out the selections of the corporate, hence guaranteeing transparency.

Profit share rights

You can share the profits of the corporate with the token holders within the form of tokens, by directly depositing into the investor's wallet.

Buyback rights

The company buys the shares from the investors at the market value, hence re-absorbing a part of the possession distributed to the investors.

Cash flow

The company's cash flow per share is on the smart contract, creating it immutable. the corporate will be clear concerning its earnings, per token, with its investors.

Holdings in another fund

The equity tokens will be deposited into a fund or with a shielder service will handle or hedge the funds in economical means.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Question)

The Equity Token Offering (ETO), a new way to raise funds by tokenizing company assets, is an innovative method. This tokenized equity can be used to represent a share of the company or participation in an investment fund.

Clarisco Solution is a top Token Development Company. We provide complete Equity token development services. This includes ETO consulting and the creation of an Equity token. The token will guarantee investors certain rights like voting rights, share-in-profit, dividends, and the ability to attract accredited investors. Even after the project has been completed, the team of highly skilled developers will continue to support the customer.

Clarisco Solution can help you expand your business ideas with its impressive security features like
Absolute dominance in the crypto industry
Smart contract development
Extraordinary technical expertise
Rapid Response Time
Frequent updates
ETO developers who are professionals
Transparent and traceable system

Robotized Dividends

The client's efforts will be exchanged with the financial specialist. The blockchain is used to anchor the wallet.

Benefit share rights

The token holders will receive the benefits of the association through the workplace. It will be saved in the investor's wallet.

Buyback Rights

The company can buy proposals from investors at market price and offer to work with monetary experts.

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