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Stay ahead of the healthcare industry with the addition of blockchain to the management of EMR and EHR.


Blockchain Technology enables custom EMR and EHR solutions

Healthcare is a large industry where technological innovation plays an important role in building a strong medical infrastructure. A doctor will perform a few checks on a patient who is admitted to a hospital for any type of illness. Sometimes, depending on the patient's health, he or she will recommend further testing to help them make informed decisions and give the best possible treatment.

The doctor collects information such as age, identity, current health condition, history of illnesses, and medications from the moment the patient first visits. These data are stored electronically in electronic medical records (EMR) or electronic health records (EHR) in a country such as the USA. Even though the data is huge, the current centralized medical record management system remains inefficient and clumsy. They also fail miserably when it comes to data analysis, security and interoperability. Patients should have full access to their data.

Clarisco Solution is the perfect solution if you're looking for an efficient, clear, secure, and reliable data management system, data analysis and interoperability, and a clutter-free medical software solution.

What are EHR and EMR, exactly?

The term Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Electronic Medical Records software (EMR) are almost used interchangeably. Both are digital records of patients’ information. EMR is restricted to being a digital version of a patient’s chart, medical and treatment history from a single physician or a hospital. Most often, it’s not shared with another hospital. EHR is a complete record of patient’s information from multiple doctors which includes, all test results, medical history, history of illness, and medication.

EMR vs EHR Medical Software: The Difference
Electronic Medical Record

Single hospital source - Digital version of patient chart

The hospital records are not shared with other hospitals.

Not Certifiable

Technical Structure

Complete Health Record for Patients

Multiple healthcare service providers can access and share records


EMR/EHR allows doctors to track patient data and identify patients who need primary screenings. The EMR/EHR allows doctors to assess the health of patients based upon their scan results, including blood pressure, vaccinations, and blood pressure. Doctors can make changes quickly and without the need to repeat data or go through paperwork. Digital medical data can improve treatment efficiency, doctor-patient relationships, healthcare facility cost, remote monitoring options, and offer better options for patients.

EHR Solution and EMR Solution: Advantages

Digitization of Medical Records

Every patient brings with him a lot of information. This information is essential to understand their current condition. This information can be used to fill outpatient treatment histories or analyze reports. The proper maintenance of these data is crucial for the smooth operation of healthcare industries, given their importance.

Electronic Health Records (EHR), which were adopted in 2012, has made it possible to eliminate paperwork. Healthcare professionals now have access to more real-time information that can be monitored and managed through a central digital system.

It's not hard to see how digitization has made it possible to schedule appointments and submit medical claims.

Dataflow and efficiency improvements

A digital data structure makes it easy to manage data efficiently and effectively. Digital data structures make it easier to pull the right data when you need it. This reduces time and increases efficiency. This reduces the chance of human error by requiring very little or no paperwork.

Lower Cost Treatment for Better Results

Increased dependence on digital infrastructure has resulted in better access to medical care at low costs. The total adoption of digital infrastructure is expected to reduce medical costs by 3%.

Digital mode of communication

It is still difficult to reach out to doctors due to busy schedules. Digital communication has made it possible to communicate with doctors online. Instead, video calls and other social media platforms allow us to stay in touch with our doctors.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring and guidance have elevated the doctor-patient relationship. Regular check-ups save time and money.

Our Solution for Medical Software Development

At Clarisco Solution, we develop EMR/EHR applications that can be further customized based on your requirement and the built application can be scaled up for your future requirement.

EHR & EMR- Medical Software Development

HIPPA guidelines are met by our EHR, EMR Software Development Solution. It features a secure data management system that allows patients to access their records easily and provides real-time monitoring of data.

EHR & EMR- Medical Mobile Application Development

We create a mobile app that is easy to use and user-friendly. It includes features such as the ability to track patient data.

EHR & EMR Data Record Execution Services

We also offer complete administration services, including data migration, pilot testing and continuous quality enhancements for constantly connected devices.

EHR Certification System

Our software solution for medical EHR software development was created to maximize Quality Payment Program benefits. Our software uses affirmed SSL/TLS system encryptions to ensure clear information handling.

Software Development for PHR

Personal Health Records development allows patients to easily keep track of their individual medical histories and other reports. Our PHR system includes a doctor-patient interaction module, health monitoring gadgets and self-organizing information with EMR.


Blockchain for the EHR and EMR System: Why?

Blockchain has been an exciting field of research and development for a long time; its benefits have been used across various industries. Similarly, the health sector across the globe is set to benefit from blockchain technology due to data security, privacy, user experience, decentralization, and distributed immutable ledger.

Blockchain technology is designed to address the critical problem of data duplication. This includes medical records that are too large, misdiagnoses, fake drugs, inefficient information exchange, and medical records with multiple pages.

The current EHR system's functionalities include electronic storage of medical records, laboratory test information, patient appointments with the doctor, accounts and billing. Blockchain technology should be focused on interoperability, security, cost-effectiveness, and tamper-proof interoperability of medical records stored in a decentralized chain of blocks across multiple platforms.

Why is Blockchain Good for Business?

Users Anonymity

The anonymity of the user, and the difficulty in identifying account holders

Data Decentralization

The blockchain stores medical data and other information. It is distributed throughout the network.

Transparency of data

All information is stored in an immutable distributed ledger that has been timestamped so it can be accessed by everyone.

Privacy and Security

Cryptographic algorithms are used to secure the information in the blockchain.

Real-time data access

All parties concerned who have access to the information in the blockchain can read and locate the information, add or audit it as soon as it is stored.

Lower health care costs

It is unnecessary to undergo all of the tests at once, as reliable and current medical records are easily accessible.

The Key Features of our EMR and EHR Solutions

HIPAA Compliance
Medical Charts
Health Record Information Exchange
Data Analytics and Reporting
Medical Billing

Clarisco Solution: Why?

Clarisco Solution is a group of developers and blockchain enthusiasts who can offer insightful guidance and solutions to strengthen EMR and EHR systems. It includes all features that allow doctors and hospitals to increase clinical productivity, analyze patient information, and connect with patients via the portal to provide excellent healthcare service.

24/7 Client Support System
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
100 % Confidentiality Guaranteed

FAQ(Frequently Asked Question)

Both patients and healthcare providers have seen many benefits from digitizing medical records. EMR software development and EHR software development allows us to store all information in one place and have it available whenever we need it.

There are many EMR and EHR software developers, but Clarisco Solution is the best choice for your company. They are experienced providers of medical health records software and can provide all customizations you need to suit your business. For more information, please contact them.

Here are the main uses of digital patient record software: Remote monitoring, User anonymity, Data transparency and privacy, Data decentralization and security, Privacy, Security and Privacy.

Clarisco Solution can help you create a medical record software system at an affordable price. The cost of EMR or EHR software will vary depending on the customizations you require.

Clarisco Solution has a team that includes software developers in India who can help you create and launch EMR or EHR software solutions with all the customizations required to meet your business requirements.

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